Uderzo: the exhibition event at the Maillol Museum dedicated to the creator of Asterix

Expo Uderzo

A magic potion to immerse yourself in the world of the favorite designer of the French. Good vibes only and a return to childhood guaranteed at the Musée Maillol which is dedicating the first major retrospective on Uderzo's works one year after his death under the curatorship of his own daughter Sylvie Uderzo , in collaboration with the big boss of Artcurial Culture , Anne by Turenne .

The great opportunity for a family outing in the heart of the most chic mansion in Saint-Germain-des-Prés before a stylish brunch on the Deux Magots or Ralph's terrace a stone's throw away.

On the program: 2 floors dotted with 300 drawings, original archives, unpublished characters and documents that had never left Uderzo's office . And the secret of the magic potion so far never revealed. We're not going to spoil you! Follow the guide.

An extraordinary destiny

Who would have imagined that the creator of Asterix and Obelix but also of Zartan , Arys Buck, Tanguy and Laverdure ... was colorblind and born with 6 fingers?

The youngest of a family of Italian immigrants, Albert Uderzo, born in 1927, seeks to escape the destiny of a luthier that his father is preparing for him. The youngest already has his own dreams: to become the “ Walt Disney of rue Montreuil ” where he grew up.

He was barely 8 years old when the principal spotted his brilliant drawings which illustrate La Fontaine's fables in his class notebooks. We offer him some pencils to comfort him in this not so crazy dream. 10 years later: he published his first comic, parody of the Raven and the Fox and put his talents to good use during his military service.

Albert has only one obsession: to live off his passion. He entered drawing competitions, sold his creations to publishers such as Bibi Fricotin and Les Pieds Nickelés , to the press at France-Soir where he landed his very first contract. He was assigned to AZ's character Clopinard. From France Dimanche to the Ok mag via the famous World Press agency, the young autodidact gradually wins the hearts of the French thanks to his inimitable technique inspired by Hollywood studios and becomes THE designer that all the boxes are snapping up.

The meeting at 380 million

Unexpected poker move. The big boss of World Press , Georges Troisfontaines , announces the arrival of a new recruit “ at 34 avenue des Champs-Elysée ”. His name is René Goscinny , and here are the two future popes of comics united. He is young, shy, passionate, immigrant like Albert… in Polish version. Uderzo is good at drawing, Goscinny is a good screenwriter: perfect combo, the magic operates.

The birth of the legendary Asterix and Obelix

A new character was needed for the Pilot mag. The shocking duo found the idea of the century: the history of France in comics. Albert and René then gave birth in July 59 to their biggest international success: the adventures of Asterix and Obelix , which rocked young and old. Concretely ? In figures, that gives 380 million copies sold.

Asterix , Obelix , Dogmatix without forgetting the magic potion which has become the comic strip running gag, are born in Uderzo's apartment in Bobigny . A masterful work and for good reason: historical references in abundance, atypical and sympathetic characters inspired by Liz Taylor or even Jean Gabin … Fantasy and caricature are not lacking in any of the albums.

Examining the immaculate walls of the exhibition, we discover all their creative boards: from the first sketches to the first dialogues: “Personal! The ship is abandoned ”... down to the figurines and even a life-size soft toy in the middle of the statues of the Maillol Museum , which highlight the immensity behind the scenes of hard work.

We like : the little booklet for kids filled with quizzes and illustrations where they can even draw their own version of Asterix.

Exhibition visible until September 30, 2021

61 rue de Grenelle, Paris 7th

Booking on ticket office-museemaillol.tickeasy.com: € 14.50 entry

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