Frosty soup with red fruit

A light and fresh dessert to start off Summer!

For 6 persons / 15 min of preparation / 10 min of cooking/ 3 h in the icebox

1. Heat the wine and powdered sugar in a pot over a low flame. Stir until the sugar has melted.

2. Split the vanilla pod lengthwise and grate the inside in order to recuperate small black seeds. Incorporate them in the pan.

Pour the preparation in a salad bowl and leave in a fresh place for 1 h.

3. Then add the washed fruit (and the stemmed strawberries) in the salad bowl. Place in the icebox at least 2 h.

4. Serve the frosty soup with red fruit in stem glasses and decorate with mint leaves.


Remplace the rosé wine by muscat.


Also discover the Dream team of Christophe Adam and the strawberry margarita.


1 bottle of rosé wine

100 g of powdered sugar

1 vanilla pod

120 g of strawberries

120 g of blueberries

120 g or raspberries

50 g of cranberries

6 leaves of fresh mint

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