To sip happily : a nice margarita

Margarita Fraise

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“If you like margaritas, you will like them even better with strawberries. The great thing about strawberries is that they make everything taste better !” explains Christophe Adam, the star pastry chef, creator of l'Éclair de Génie, at the origin of the book, Fraise, published by Éditions de La Martinière.

For 4 glasses

In a blender, combine the frozen strawberries, the crushed ice, the tequila, the triple-dry, and mix until the mix is homogenous and looks like melted snow.

Mix the salt and the zest of 1 green lemon.

Slightly beat the egg white and dip inside the edge of 4 large Martini® glasses.

Then dip them in the salt with green lemon zest. Fill them up with precaution.

Grate a little more green lemon zest on the ensemble and serve immediately.

You can also prepare the glasses like indicated above and serve the margarita in a pitcher or not use green lemon zest and replace it by fresh thyme (like on the photo).

recettes fraise Christophe Adam

Fraise, by Christophe Adam at the Editions de La Martinière, 12,90 €.

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- 250 g of frozen strawberries

- 1 large glass of crushed ice

- 12 cl of green lemon juice

- 20 cl of tequila or mezcal

- 5 cl of triple-dry or Cointreau®

- 1 slightly beaten egg white

- Fine salt from Guérande

- The grated zest of 2 green lemons

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