Woman / object exhibition

Lady Gaga invented nothing! In 1981, Linda Mulvey, alias Linder (because it sounds more Germanic), had already worn a dress in raw meet during a concert/ performance, to be discovered in this retrospective. The English artist, who evolved in the neo punk universe at the end of the 70’s, dedicates her work to the feminist cause.

She condemns the alienation of women through des photomontages made from feminine magazines (cuisine, fashion, decorating) and masculine (porno, car, home improvement) that she « assembles». The result ? Women with their face hidden by cakes, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and other daily objects or flowers, symbol of sweet romantic novels that suburban housewives are keen about.

We love: the chronology retracing her work, from her first photographs in a transsexual to her last ultra colored montages made with Photoshop in XXL format.

The must : go home with a box of rose flavored macaroons à la Jean-Paul Hévin customized by Linder (12,50 €).

Linder woman/object, until 21 April 2013

Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm, late night on Thursday until 10pm

Full rate 6 €


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