The divine recipe of Popelini's cream pastry puff

Strawberry mascarpone cabbage with gelatin leaves, vanilla bean, caster sugar

Lauren Koumetz's small favorite? TAGADA® strawberry, a sweet pastry puff with mascarpone cream and brunoise of fresh strawberries sprinkled with sparkling sugar. Totally regressive!

Recipe for the strawberry cream mascarpone:

In a salad bowl filled with cold water, place the gelatin leaves one by one and allow to soak. In a bowl, pour the mascarpone cream and mix with a spatula until the cream is nice and smooth. Add the vanilla pod, cut in half and scrubbed, the sugar and a third of liquid cream.

In a pan, heat on an average flame the rest of the liquid cream. When warm, add the previously drained gelatin leaves and mix well.

Remove the cream from the flame and pour your mascarpone cream. Mix with a spatula. Remove the vanilla pod.

Cool down in the icebox for 30 min so the cream can solidify.

Meanwhile, dice up the strawberries.

Once the cream has cooled down, incorporate the diced strawberries. Your cream is ready!


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- 400 gr of mascarpone

- 100 gr of liquid cream

- 100 gr of semolina sugar

- 1 vanilla pod

- 4 gelatin leaves

- 70 gr of strawberries

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