Régal’ad pastry puffs

Petits Choux Parfums Regalad

Only a few days from Petits Plaisirs day, here is a very candy recipe, 100% yummy and regressive!

To make a pastry puff:

Place a soft candy with the flavor of your choice in a special microwave container and heat for 20 seconds full blast. Flatten out the melted candy candy with a pastry rolling. Cut out flowers and chop up the rest of the candy. Renew the operation with the other candies. Set aside the chopped candy by flavor.

Heat the milk in a pan. During that time, in a salad bowl, beat the egg whites with the sugar and incorporate the flour. Pour the milk and mix well. Place back on the fire at average temperature, stirring constantly. Stop the cooking as soon as you see the first signs of boiling. Spread the confectioner’s cured in three bowls. Incorporate the candy with the chopped candy in the first, the strawberry one in the second and the third with the orange.

Place each cream in a disposable pouch, cut the end off and garnish each pastry puff by making a hole underneath. Place the candy flowers in keeping with the flavor of each custard and enjoy.

Recipe & photo credit : Sonia Ezgulian for the Syndicat National de la Confiserie


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For 4 persons

Preparation time: 25 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

8 tender candies (strawberry, lemon, orange)

12 small pastry puffs to be garnished

50 cl of milk

3 egg yolks

60 g of sugar

50 g of flour

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