The Jewish mama's recipe

The jewish mamas recipe

The most trendsetting Jewish mama has concocted a new cookbook with typical Israeli recipes. La Cuisine Juive by Annabelle Schachmes, published by Gründ, is a true moment of culinary ecstasy. Zoom on her shakshuka.

For 4 persons

Preparation time: 15 min

Cooking time: 35 min

Peel and chisel the onion in big pieces. Peel and crush the garlic cloves. Wash and cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

Set everything aside.

In a salad bowl, mix the tomato pulp, the tomato concentrate, the sugar and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Pour everything in a big pan. Add the cherry tomatoes, the onion,

garlic, paprika and pimento. Add salt, pepper. Cook on an average flame for 30 minutes until the sauce reduces. Be sure to stir from time to time so that the mixture does not stick.

When the sauce is reduced by a good third, with the help of a spoon, create little wells inside.

Break the 4 eggs on the sauce in these little wells, allowing the eggs to be closer to the heat of the pan and thus cook faster.

Cover and cook on an average flame until the eggs are done as you wish (about 4 minutes if you like them soft inside and 10 minutes if you prefer them hard). But be sure not to mix!

Once the eggs are cooked as you like them, sprinkle with fresh chiseled parsley and don’t hesitate to also add small pieces of fresh feta or goat cheese, but also chick peas or pepper corns.

Published on 4 november 2015 at Gründ Edition

Author : Annabelle Schachmes

Photograph : Annabelle Schachmes

Availible in bookshops  29,95€

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Ingredients :

- 20 cherry tomatoes

- 1 average-sized red onion

- 2 garlic cloves

- 1 can of tomato pulp

- 1/2 tube of tomato concentrate

- 1 pinch of sugar

- 2 pinches of smoked paprika

- 1 big pinch of red pimento

(or 1/2 teaspoon of  harissa)

- a few sprigs of fresh parsley

- 4 eggs

- salt - pepper

- olive oil

- 1 loaf of country bread

(to soak up the sauce at the end !)

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