Laurie Peret: the rising bi-taste comedian

Humouriste Laurie Peret

She embodies this new generation of insta-friendly comedians who are as successful on stage as on social networks ( @laurieperet ). Her Food Show while waiting for boarding , a clever mix of sketches and trash songs “ composed on my daughter's piano ”, lets us glimpse a character created from scratch like a model mom after school. Her bogus pieces on childbirth, menstruation and femininity are nourished by these anecdotes of women “ which we would have done well ”.


laurie peret jouant son sketch mon cirque menstruel sur scène

© Renaud Corlouer

His stage uniform? Small, very supple sweeping bob, demure t-shirt, pencil skirt and pumps. But don't be fooled by its appearance. In “ real life ”, the 30-something describes herself as an old-fashioned quail with hours of PlayStation tournaments under the Nike TN . A bi-tasting comedian, a chameleon, in short. It is also difficult to determine the character you prefer, between role and reality.

Beginnings on a side road

As a teenager, Laurie Peret was first trained in improv with her friends from Trappes , including Issa Doumbia , with whom she won championships and went on tour. But her thing is songs. Except that becoming the next Celine Dion is not done in a snap of vibes. In search of a “ real job ”, she turned to advertising: “ I dreamed of being the new Amanda Woodward of Melrose Place ”. Disappointed by a dark internship supervisor who would have stolen her brilliant idea for a Durex ad , she sets out to make her true passion her livelihood.

Competition of circumstances

Banco, she landed the role of the understudy of the leading female role on Mozart l'Opéra Rock and dreams of writing a funny musical comedy à la Spamalot . There, visibly watched by a lucky star, our lucky lady finds herself by an incredible chance to win a humor contest , is spotted and offered a room by a production " with which I had not yet slept ", is built a show and launches its tour. Mark your calendars: the one with whom we would like to spend evenings singing Mariah Carey will perform for two dates at La Cigale , on January 3 and 4.

Laurie Peret en train de jouer le prénom sur scène


Food show while waiting for boarding, January 3 and 4, 2020 at La Cigale. Reservations on

© Renaud Corlouer

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