The incredible Brasserie d'Auteuil fritters

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It’s the most addictive dish of the hot new restaurant in Auteuil

For 4 fritters

. Take 100g of Mozzarella cut in 4 pieces, so that’s 25g of mozzarella

. Take half a slice of Speck ham which is about 10g because a normal slice is about 20g

. Roll the piece of mozzarella in the Speck slice with a leaf of basil

. Roll in the flour (a very thin layer), than in the egg batter, then cover up well in breadcrumbs.

. Fry

. Serve with a balsamic vinaigrette and capers.


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Where to find it?

Auteuil Brasserie

78, rue d’Auteuil

75016 Paris

01 40 71 11 90

Porte D'auteuil Porte D'auteuil

Michel-ange-auteuil Michel-ange-auteuil

Michel-ange-auteuil Michel-ange-auteuil

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