The gothic-chic exhibition

Nothing new with Bella and Edward from Twilight ! Vampires, witches, specters and other dark creatures have appeared in art and literature since the end of the 18th century.

Right now demons are taking over the Orsay museum featured in an exhibition dedicated to black romanticism, a movement to which Goethe, Edgar Poe and Baudelaire contributed.

Sensitive souls beware, the 200 works presented her bring to mind underlying dark sides through different supports (paintings, drawings, films, sculptures…), all means for artists to express the fears and anxieties linked to industrialization or the atrocities of wars.

We like: taking a nice sweet break at the museum tea salon, so as to recover from our emotions after the exhibition!


L’ange du bizarre, le romantisme noir, de Goya à Max Ernst

Until 9 June 2013 every day except on Monday from 9h30 am to 6pm, on Thursday until 9h45pm

Full rate 12 €

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