Madame Sarfati: Fary's brilliant Comedy Club designed by JR

Madame Sarfati

19 €, 1h, 1 MC to set the mood, 4 confirmed comedians. Deal ?

Ms Sarfati, the new Comedy Club Fary in the heart of Les Halles, has everything a lucky dip. A secret place and evening artists never revealed in advance come to titillate the curiosity of fans of the Parisian stand-up .

Fary dedicates a work of art to him, imagined in collaboration with the king of collage JR . Named of course in homage to Elie Kakou , Madame Sarfati stands on the floor of a bar as the new hub of French humor . Attention abs, it will chuckle.

A room, a (big) atmosphere

True artistic guarantee of the place, JR has imagined for the occasion a large rounded cellar-style room, deposited as a work of art, covered with small zinc plates from New York and Parisian roofs. No posts and therefore no blind space, canon acoustics and a stage in the middle of the spectators… We were not allowed to broadcast photos of the place, yet Madame Sarfati's decor is clearly worth the detour.

A dream setting for the 4 comedians to follow one another without the public knowing in advance the program. A Russian roulette from the marrade? Not really, since everyone already has their own shows. Unlike other places of its kind, therefore, Madame Sarfati does not act as an incubator for young talents.

Inspired by the legendary Bordel Comédie Club de Montréal , the idea is rather to offer sets of equal quality with artists paid by cachet and not by hat. A little name-dropping? Hakim Jemili , Fadily Camara , Panayotis Pascot or even Roman Frayssinet are some of the nuggets to follow.

To drink and to eat

Between two giggles, spectators will be able to bite into comfy snacks: chicken nuggets mafé style (€ 12), kefta with fresh herbs (€ 12), churros (€ 5) or alloco (€ 5), to be washed down with a good cocktail or iced tea .

13 sessions per week, from € 19. Reservations on


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