Mama’s boy, bourgeoises and love issues

Mama’s boy, bourgeoises and love issues

We all know the story of the perfect  boy had he not been under the influence of his darling mother. We love them as much as we hate them, but no sense in fighting: nobody can win against a mother-in-law !

It’s the theme of Libres sont les papillons, this amusing and straight forward play adapted by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.

The pitch? A handsome young man with a difference (we won’t tell you which one, because you don’t find out right away) decides to become independent and rents a pad in the middle of...raunchy Barbès.

This sends his mother in a tizzy, she who is an authentic bourgeoise from Neuilly and who only leaves her posh burb to go to La Grande Ep' on the Left Bank. Suddenly, shows up in the life of Quentin, a very messy neighbor, who is also very appealing. They both gang up against the protective advice of Mummy who refuses to allow her son to go out into the world on his own.

We adore: Nathalie Roussel as a totally devoted mother, right on target and hilarious in her role of stuck up preppy. The duo Julien Dereims and Anouchka Delon, partners in real life, is very touching.

The plus: for once, the decor is not staged in the upscale 16th arrondissement. Head for the small dusty studio that we all remember when we were down and out. It’s a welcome change !

Libres sont les papillons, prolongationsuntil the 29th of May.

© F. Rappeneau

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Where to find it?

Théâtre Rive Gauche

6 rue de la Gaîté

75014 Paris

01 43 35 32 31

Montparnasse-bienvenue Montparnasse-bienvenue

Montparnasse-bienvenue Montparnasse-bienvenue

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