La Maison de la Chantilly gives us its recipe

Strawberries and Chantilly

Chantilly is their claim to fame, and they even opened a gourmet venue on rue Cler in the 7th, where all the foodies come stock up on strawberries when the season is in full swing. So we asked them for their incredible chantilly whipped cream recipe.

1. Finely chisel the basil leaves ;

2. Add the finely chiseled cream basil, then the salt, and why not a pinch of pepper depending on tastes;

3. With a blender, or a whip for the most motivated, make the chantilly cream rise ;



Florian Coudy, General Manager of Maison de la Chantilly, suggests keeping your cream nice and fresh before making the Chantilly rise, then whip at regular speed- neither too quickly, nor too slowly during a few minutes. Your Chantilly cream will be all the firmer and smoother.

Chantilly cream with basil is available as of now at Maison de la Chantilly, in the 7th.


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Where to find it?

Maison de la Chantilly

47, rue Cler

75007 Paris

Ecole Militaire Ecole Militaire

La Tour-maubourg La Tour-maubourg


- 1 bunch of basil
- 500 mL of Maison de la Chantilly liquid fresh cream
- 1 pinch of salt
- Optional: 1 pinch of pepper

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