A very crunchy passion mousse


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The Gavottes®? It’s the star cake of the moment, darling of Pierre Hermé and food bloggers. Pegged to the opening of the pop-up around the Gavottes® “Académie Croustillante” here is a recipe that allows to twist the small French treat into a crunchy dip. An amusing light dessert!

Quantity: 4 persons

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Setting aside time: 30 minutes

Preparation :

1/ Prepare the passion fruit cream. In a salad bowl, slightly beat the eggs then add the sugar and the passion fruit juice after filtering the seeds. Finish by adding the diced up butter. Heat the salad bowl in a double boiler while continually stirring until the mixture thickens. Allow to become tepid then set aside in a fresh place for 30 minutes.

2/ Make the whipped cream by beating the fleurette cream and the mascarpone in a recipient until you obtain a firm texture.

3/ Pour the passion fruit cream in the whipped cream and beat again to homogenize. Garnish an icing bag with a fluted tip.

4/ For the presentation, place the Gavottes® milk chocolate lace crêpes cut up unevenly in the bottom of the glasses. Add a layer of chantilly passion as well as several raspberries. Repeat the operation by adding more Gavottes® milk chocolate lace crêpes and a final layer of chantilly passion.

5/ Decorate each glass with a small spoon of passion fruit, including the seeds, a raspberry and a Gavottes® milk chocolate lace crêpe.

Set aside in a fresh spot until serving time.


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100g of Gavottes® milk chocolate lace crêpes

5 passion fruit + 1 for the decoration

2 eggs

50g of soft butter

50g of powdered sugar

15cl of whole fleurette cream

80g of mascarpone

120g of fresh raspberries

For the service: 160ml x4  dessert glasses

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