How to copy the mimosa-tarama egg by Jean-François Trap at the Hôtel de la Marine?

Oeuf Mimosa Piege

They are at all the tables of Mimosa , the new star brasserie of Jean-François Trap at the Hôtel de la Marine . Its tarama mimosa eggs are the new must-eat of the season.

Did you love it? That's good, this funny little foodporn starter is very easy to redo and serve at home to show off when foodies come to dinner!

Ingredients for 4 persons

6 whole eggs

1 lime

1 bulb fennel

Scan at 270g

½ dill boot

curry powder

black pepper


Cook the eggs for 10 minutes in well-salted, boiling water. Cool then peel the eggs. Cut the eggs in half in half, take the yolk then finely chop it, set aside.

Chop the bulb fennel very finely, plunge it into water with ice cubes to make it firm and crunchy. Drain, set aside.

For assembly: garnish each egg white with a little mimosa yellow, add a spoon of tarama (about 15gr per egg) then place the fennel on top, sprinkle with curry , lime zest, finish with a sprinkle of dill and a bit of a pepper mill.

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