The flower pie by Jean-François Trap

Tarte Aux Fleurs De Jean Francois Piege

To celebrate spring, he unveils a flower tart recipe that is as gorgeous as it is easy to make. In short: a snobbery to be adopted directly, to be all the rage in the spring.

Preparation: 35 min

Cooking: 10 min

For 4 people


Make the orange blossom cream : soak the gelatin sheet in a bowl

of water . Beat the egg yolk with the sugar and the cream powder , then pour over the milk

and whisk until boiling. Add the butter and the drained gelatin . Mix,

then let cool.

Mount the whipped cream with the orange blossom water and add to mixture


Pour the orange blossom cream into the bottom of the tart. Drop the flower petals .

Livre de recette de Jean-François Piège édition Hachette Cuisine

Pies by Jean-François Trap pour tous , by Jean-François Trap, photographs: Nicolas Lobbestaël, Styling: Chae Rin Vincent, at Hachette Cuisine.

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