A veggie carpaccio

Carpaccio Veggie

Preparation : 15min

For 4 persons


Peel the beet and black radish. Wash the pink radishes and the courgette.

Cut the pomegranate in 2 and collect half of the seeds by turning it over and tapping on the shell with a wooden spoon.

With the help of  mandoline cutter, finely mince all the veggies. Remove  the Reblochon crust and cut into small sticks.

Prettily place  the vegetable slices in the 4 plates, add the pomegranate seeds and the Reblochon sticks.

Mix the oil, the lemon, the salt and pepper—pour a little bit of sauce on each plate.

Serve as a starter. You can add a few leaves of coriander.


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- 1/3 of Reblochon chees

- 1 chioggia type beet, pink and raw

- 1 small black radish

- 1 courgette

- A few pink radishes

- 1 pomegranate.

For the sauce :

- 3 tablespoons of olive oil

- Juice from ½ lemon

- Salt and pepper

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