The vitello of Juan Arbelaez

Mi Cuit Veau

With yuzu and crunchy almonds, Colombian chef Juan Arbelaez revisits the famous vitello tonnato...

Preparation : 45 minutes
For 4 persons

Preparation :

Prepare the red onion pickles : boil the sugar and the white vinegar, before pouring everything on the red onion cut in thin slivers and set aside.

Press the yuzu or the green lemon, collect the juice and set aside the cut zests.

Prepare the veal meat: salt the meat and pan fry at high flame for 5 minutes on each side with olive oil. Remove from the flame and set aside from 2 h in the frige.

Preparer the tonnato sauce: mix the parmesan, the tuna, the yuzu juice or lemon juice, olive oil, the Espelette pimento and 2 long zests of cedar.

In a flat plate, spread a tablespoon of tonnato sauce, add on top the veal cut in thin strips. Season with a pinch of fleur de sel, zests of yuzu or green lemon, add a little grated parmesan, a few red onion pickles, a dash of olive oil, a few drops of pink vinegar stemming from the maceration or red onion, a few almonds for the crunch and coriander leaves.

Recipe text : Pentecost veal / Juan Arbelaez
Photo credit : Pentecost veal / Amélie Roche

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Ingredients :

- 400 g of tender veal filet or thick veal chunks

- A few twigs of coriander

- 100 g of whole almonds

- Fleur de sel

Pickles :

- 1 red onion

- 50 g of sugar

- 10 cl of white vinegar

Tonnato sauce :

- 50 g of parmesan

- 80 g of canned tuna with oil

- 10 ml of yuzu juice (1 yuzu) or green lemon (3/4 of a lemon)

- 10 cl of olive oil

- 1 cedar

- Powdered pimento of Espelette

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