Skewers with blue cheese sauce by Juan Arbelaez

Brochette De Veau

Colombian chef Juan Arbelaez shakes up skewers with an incredible blue cheese and citrus fruit sauce.

Preparation : 35 minutes
Cooking : as you wish, according to taste
For 4 persons

Preparation :

Cut the piece of veal into cubes  and the pak choï in two, to have the heart on one side and leaves on the other. Mount the skewers on the spikes, alternating veal cubes and heart of pak choï cabbage, previously cut in four.

Season with a little fleur de sel and quickly grill or barbecue on all sides. Allow to sit in a warm place. For  barbecue cooking, leave the skewers for 10 minutes near the smoke : they provide subtle smoked aromas.

Quickly allow the pak choï leaves to melt in a pan with a dash of olive oil.

Remove the orange zest and lift the quarters.

Place the skewers on a bed of pak choï leaves and baste them with the cream of blue cheese. Add the raw orange quarters and sprinkle with a little  zest. Decorate with chervil bits and fine slivers of red radish. Finish with a pinch of Espelette pimento.

The alternative of the chef: you can replace the Pak Choï with a Romanesco cabbage and the orange with tangerines.

Recipe text : Pentecost veal / Juan Arbelaez
Photo credit : Pentecost veal / Amélie Roche

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Ingredients :

- 600 g of tender veal or skewer piece (150 g of raw meat per person)

- 1 orange

- 4 pak choï cabbages

- 1 bunch of chervil

- 8 red radishes

- 1 pot of blue cheese cream

- Fleur de sel

- Powdered pimento of Espelette

- Skewer spike

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