A steaming udon broth

Udon Nagasaki

Importing steaming bowls from rue Saint-Anne to the house… A sweet dream? No, this is not mission impossible. First go buy some udon, these marvelous silky noodles from Nagasaki, and follow this super easy recipe to concoct a comfy et healthy soup. (Go buy your udon at Eric Bur, www.ericbur.fr Nishikidori, www.nishikidori.com or the Grande Epicerie)

For 2 to 3 persons

Preparation: 15 min

Cooking: 5 min


1. Cook the Udon noodles in a large quantity of boiling water. As soon as the water starts to reboil, count 5 mn. Drain and place under cold running water.

2. Fry the ham slices in a dry pan, on both sides. Set aside.

3. Cut the radishes in thin round slices, the leek in thin slices and the cucumber in small sticks, eliminating the middle filled with seeds.

4. Prepare the eggs: break them into 4 bowls and dip them in simmering water with cooking salt and white vinegar. Lower the flame as much as possible and count 3 min. Remove from the heat, drain the eggs with a skimmer and place them in fresh water.

5. Boil the broth and throw in the noodles. Remove immediately from the fire and divide everything in the bowls. In each bowl, add an egg, the ham after cutting it up in little pieces and the veggies. Sprinkle with pepper and serve immediately.

Where to find “Vagues de Perles” Udon from Nagasaki?

La Grande Epicerie de Paris, 38 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris

Lafayette Gourmet, 35 boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

Cost? About 8 euros for 200 g

The recipe is signed Elisabeth Scotto.


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© Edouard Sicot.

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100 g de Udon “Vagues de Perles” Udon  noodles from Nagasaki sold on line at Eric Bur, www.ericbur.fr ; Nishikidori, www.nishikidori.com or at Lafayette Gourmet.

2 eggs ( ou 3 small ones)

3 red radishes

1 small cucumber

4 thin slices of raw ham

The white from a small leek

4.5 dl of chicken broth


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