The easy recipe of the “crying tiger” by Nathalie Nguyen

Recette Tigre Qui Pleure

This recipe is excerpted from the Pitaya book by Nathalie Nguyen. “The legend says that a tiger tasted this dish and found the beef so delicious and tender that he began to cry. Try this meat with white Thai rice, that will impregnate the meat sauce into the rice.”

Preparation: 10 min
Marinade: 2h
Cooking: 4 min


For the marinated beef

Rub the meat with the sugar, rice powder and soya sauce.

Allow to marinate for 2 h.

For the sauce

Peel the shallots and mince them finely.

Remove the pits from the red pimento before mincing finely.

Press the green lemon in a bowl, add all the ingredients of the sauce et and mix until total dissolution of the palm sugar.

Your sauce is ready, set it aside.

Heat a pan over a strong flame with a large dash of peanut oil. Seize the meat during 2 min on each side. Remove it from the pan and mince finely. Pour the sauce over it and add the herbs coarsely chopped before serving immediately.

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For the marinated beef :

- 500 g of sirloin tip

- 1 tablespoon of palm sugar

- 2 teaspoons or rice powder

- 4 tablespoons of soya sauce

For the sauce :

- 2 shallots

- 1 red pimento

- 1 green lemon

- 4 tablespoons of tamarin concentrate

- 20 g of palm sugar

- 4 tablespoons of nuoc-mâm

- 2 teaspoons or rice powder

In addition

- a few sprouts of rau ram

- a few twigs of coriander

- a few twigs of mint

- a few stems of Thai chives

- peanut oil

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