The feel-good comedy with Gérard Darmon

If you like funny and touching stories in the spirit of Cœur des Hommes, you will adore the new play of Philippe Lellouche, staged by Gérard Darmon at the Théâtre de la Madeleine.

In Tout à refaire, the two comedians play two childhood friends, blinded by the nostalgia of the past. Work, booze, women, everything seemed better before. Until a fantasy-filled waitress overhears their discussion at the terrace of a café and sends them into the past. Flashback to key episodes of their lives: marriage, treason, dishonesty, divorce, bereavement, all the way back to their first encounter on their parents doorstep. A step back in time that might very well shake things up

We like: the real and sincere complicity between these two figureheads of the French cinema that make their relation all the more credible on stage.

©Bernard Richebé

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By Julie Zwingelstein @juliezwing

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