The terrible lovers’ exhibition

Lexpo Des Amants Terribles

Our head still spins with the images of Salma Hayek playing the famous Mexican painter with the thick eyebrows in the film Frida.

The tortured artist, famous for he self portraits and colored works in the spirit of an intimate diary, is in the spotlight during a superb exhibition with her companion Diego Rivera, the militant artist by excellence and author of all the super-communist XXL frescos.

The strong point of the exhibition? The canvases of the two terrible lovers (they remarried after divorcing) are presented together in order to showcase their respective influences.

We like: the masterpieces of a mythical couple, nicknamed the elephant and the dove…

Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera, L’Art en fusion

Until 13 January 2014, every day except Tuesday and on 25 December from 9am to 6pm

Full rate 10 euros

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