The very desirable Gingerbreads of Jean Hwang Carrant

The very desirable Gingerbreads of Jean Hwant Carrant

Foodies from all over Paris make a bee line for Jean Hwang Carrant’s pastry shop and her delighful US Christmas Cookies. The good news is that the priestess of American cakes has shared her secret recipe with us.


*Mix the butter, the sugar and the molasses together.

*Add the egg then the dry ingredients: flour, powder cocoa, sodium bicarbonate, salt and spices. *Divide the dough into three and wrap in disk-shapes with  cellophane.

*Allow the dough to sit all night long.

*Sprinkle the working surface with flour and spread on 3 mm.

*Cut the shapes and transfer them on a cooking plaque.

*Bake at 175° for 10 minutes.

The cookies are ready when the contours start becoming brown. Allow the cookies to remain on the plaque for 5 min then place them on a cooling grill.


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225 g organic butter, room temperature

300 g organic sugar

1 egg, organic room temperature

200 g or organic black molasses

600 g organic flour

1 c.c. sodium bicarbonate

1 c.s. powder cocoa

1 c.s. powder ginger

2 c.c. ground cloves

2 c.c. ground cinnamon

1 c.c. salt

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