Urgent poetry

Now is the time for those who defend the tongue of Molière to pull out their pens and start writing.

The most trendy concept store in the capital, Loft design by… has teamed up with the Flammarion publishing house to bring back some life to French poetry through its big contest « Poèmes en Loft ».

How does it work? You send sonnets, odes, fables, poems… until 30 March, to urgencepoesie@loftdesignby.com. Revive the verse of Rimbaud, Baudelaire or Ronsard, and prove that even in 2013 the art of words is alive.

What does one win? The jury, presided by Patrick Frèche, will name the winner who will see his work published in a book of poems edited by Flammarion.

« Poèmes en Loft »

Loft design by… Urgence poésie, send your poems to urgencepoesie@loftdesignby.com

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