An exhibition to work up an appetite

Expo Photo Croqueuses De Fromage

How do we feel about food? A question as banal as it’s thorny to which twelve contemporary artists attempt to answer in this very unusual and off-beat exhibition.

Critical of our (over)consumer society, poor eating habits, contaminated foods, a shaken up food product pyramid, there are several interpretations through zany installations (a camera in a dustbin, an screen in an icebox, a ventriloquist soup container), off-beat filmed performances (a picnic face-to-face with a wolf) and photos of contemporary still-lives where burgers and donuts replaced traditional fruit baskets going back to the Renaissance.

An exhibition that feeds the mind but that might whet the appetite of its visitors!

Rush over there, it’s free.

L’art fait ventre, an exhibition at the Musée de la Poste in residence at the Musée du Montparnasse, until 20 September 2014, every day except Sunday from 1pm to 6pm, free entrance


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Where to find it?

Musée du Montparnasse

21, avenue du Maine

75015 Paris

Montparnasse-bienvenue Montparnasse-bienvenue

Falguiã‚âre Falguiã‚âre

Montparnasse-bienvenue Montparnasse-bienvenue

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