The most posh aperitif in Paris

Kaspia Caviar athmosphere caviar and vodka

A caviar & vodka or champagne aperitif at Kaspia… A must before a romantic night with a new date…

Kaspia, a fashion institution

Need one insist on the incredible reputation of Kaspia, the house of caviar founded in 1927 by Monsieur Arcady Fixon, a Russian immigrant who arrived in the capital during the deluxe frenzy of the Roaring Twenties ….

Faithful to its festive ambiance, landmark of joyful evenings, the upper level dining room has always been full. Today, it’s a favourite spot for the Parisian gotha, the New-York it-girls and leading couturiers.

The great aperitif formula

With 60 euros in your pocket, it’s possible to enjoy a champagne and caviar whimsy in the refined salon and to slip in the skin of a jet-setter!

One the menu of “pause Kaspia”: a tin with 10g of Osciètre caviar in which you use a mother-of-pearl spoon to spread the precious black gold on incredible house blinis covered with butter or cream, depending on tastes. All served with a shot of vodka + a glass of champagne.

To be noted: here, you are served the Kaspia formula in caviar mode and vodka starting at 10am for the most motivated, until midnight.

Pause Kaspia: 10 g of caviar + blinis + vodka at €62.

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Where to find it?

Kaspia caviar Madeleine

17 Place de la Madeleine

75008 Paris

01 42 65 33 32

Madeleine Madeleine

Madeleine Madeleine

Madeleine Madeleine

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