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Conseils Pour Bien Parler A L Oral

Are you petrified of giving a presentation to an audience of more than two people? Paralyzed when you try to convince your boss that you deserve a raise ? Do not panic: the oral, it is worked!

In her Little manual for those for whom speaking is a nightmare , the actress and theater teacher Valérie Guérin reveals her tips for regaining self-confidence and mastering oral expression. Follow the guide.


Nothing better to be heard than a perfect articulation and a calm voice . For this, it is essential to relax the muscles of speech (those of the jaw, mouth and cheeks).

How it works ? To warm up before an oral, a presentation, an interview, a statement ... A few small exercises: open your mouth as far as possible as if you were chewing a very large piece of gum , make your whole face wince, turn your tongue several times in both sense, inflate the cheeks and dig them several times, pass the tongue over the gums. Then pronounce several times, exaggeratingly articulating, the phrase: “ I want and demand an exquisite apology ”.

Another method : practice pronouncing all the vowels with a cork between your teeth.

Skip the routine

Are you looking to regain your self-confidence to better impose yourself orally? Get rid of your habits and get ready to go! To take a new look at yourself and bring out the capacities that lie dormant in you, learn not to run away from the unknown .

How it works ? Instead of going to the same gym for years, opt for a new bikram yoga class or a singing class . You will see, the way you look at the world and yourself will change much faster than you think.

Smile all the time

Your smile is your most formidable weapon ! It's scientific . When you smile your whole body hears it, your muscles relax, and your mind calms down. Result? You are ready to take things in a calm and intelligent way in order to shine while speaking!

How it works ? Just smile whenever you can: in transport, at the supermarket, at work, when you wake up, everywhere! A good way to win the smile of the hot guys around you. To take the fold, before you fall asleep, count all the smiles you have been given during the day.

Let go

Rather than locking yourself in your wounds , your guilt , your certainties , your resentment , letting go will give you the freedom necessary for a good respondent during important exchanges. Emotional sponges are not known for their oral fluency ...

How it works ? Does your line manager underestimate the value of your job? Remember first that this person is someone OTHER than you and that his words (even if they are legitimate) should never damage your integrity . To do this, create a bubble or mental shield capable of protecting yourself from spikes and adopting a formidable responder.

Move forward with speed

Because your posture is always ahead of your words and sometimes speaks more than your words, always remember to stand up straight to give yourself a great look and presence ...

How it works ? Shoulders back, lift your chin up and look the people you are talking to in the eye. Do you already think you have mastered this posture ? Take the walk test with a dictionary on your head! Everything in your gestures must be mastered: sitting down, remember to keep your back straight and tighten your knees.

Think positive!

The magic of the positive ? The more we throw, the more we harvest! If you keep saying that you suck, you really will end up being. Conversely, if you convince yourself that you are going to pass your fingers in the nose license , you are putting the odds in your favor for this to happen.

How it works ? To initiate this positive metamorphosis , nothing could be simpler: rather than saying “ it's too difficult ” or “ it's too stressful ”, say internally “ it's very formative ” or “ it's stimulating ”! Switching your vocabulary even for a week This stupid method works wonderfully!

Breathe… through your stomach!

Used by singers , actors , politicians , breathing through the stomach (rather than through the upper body) allows you to control your emotions to clarify your thoughts, refocus your energy and find an almost immediate appeasement.

How it works ? If you are new to this method, start lying down , arms at your sides, legs uncrossed. Inhale through the nose while inflating the belly for a count of 5 then exhale slowly through the mouth for 5 times while hollowing out the belly. Before any important occasion, apply this breath while standing at least five times. If you don't see the immediate effects of this technique, don't give up: the more you practice it, the more formidable it is!

Livre de Valérie Guérin, édition Le livre de poche

A small manual for those for whom oral communication is a nightmare , Valérie Guerlain, Le livre de poche, € 13.90

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