Christmas interview with trendy cook Julie Basset

Julie Basset By Williamk 62

Her claim to fame is being a “cheffe” who assumes her femininity down to the tip of her fingernails. Julie Basset has quite a personality and we really like that. And that gives her the status of the most glam’rock foodie of the moment.

So it’s not very surprising that she is collaborating in the choice of the eats offered by DADA, the new hype grocery store on rue de Paradis—a combo between glam and organic!

An occasion for this gal, “who really digs her job”, to give us super tips for a festive holiday without any worries.

my xmas obsession

Beendhi chai teas

Picture credit : © Beendhi

I have found MY fetish product for Winter at Dada: Chaï Le Doux Beendhi® tea , 5,95€, sold at DADA, elected Organic Product of the year for 2016. It’s amazing...

A mix of spices and black tea to infuse in a vegetal drink with almonds.

Available at DADA.

my list to santa

Bellekens creations

Picture credit : © Bellekens

Diner with Denzel Washington

a trip to New Zealand

A farm with chikens and a luxurious garden

A complet make-up attire by Mac and the entire range of Aesop products!

Respect ! Galantry!

Going on stage with the producer Falty DI

Any creations by Amandine Bellekens aka Bellekens

a xmas gift idea

Dear muesli xmas package

Picture credit : © Dear Muesli

The Xmas box by Dear Muesli !

These two buddies imagined an ultra stylish small Xmas gift: an assortment of house granola wrapped in a very hipster package. It’s really the gift everyone would like to receive.

Infos here

Pop Up Dear Muesli, 20/21/22, December at the Season.

a very addictive xmas cake

the stollen cake

Picture credit : © Pixabay, CC

the Stollen cake !

It’s a German cake that is not very well known in France, but that one also finds in Alsace, very tasty with dried fruit and marzipan (dear to Pierre Hermé). A kind of bread-shaped pannetone, Sissi version. That’s all we are saying. Traditional organic Stollen (Herzberger Bäckerei): traditional Xmas cake in Germany made with candied fruit macerated in rum (dried raisin, lemon and orange rind), spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom...), with or without marzipan.

Available at DADA - Plain: 5,50€ (250g), With marzipan: 12,90€ (600g) / 5,70€ (250g)

bûche or no bûche?

Xmas cake

Picture credit : © Unsplash, CC

No buche !

Frankly after a Christmas dinner, you really feel like something light—not a Yuletide log!

Personally, I would like a brunoise of exotic seasonal fruit with fresh vanilla, zests of citrus fruit, agave syrup, cinnamon, flowers and thick cream.

my address to lose weight after the holidays

Working out to lose weight after the holidays

Picture credit : © Unsplash, CC

Dynamo Cycling, my sports club, on rue de Choiseul where you can use their exercise bikes. You come out filled with good vibes and the sensation to have really worked out...

It’s the necessary activity for my survival lately! To be tested absolutely!

An amazing recipe to try

Braised seasonal vegetables, ideal as a side dish with a roasted fowl or pan-fried scallops for the Holidays!

Preheat your oven to 210°. On a plaque covered with sulfurized paper, place the seasonal vegetables of your choice, cut in equal widths with their skin (preferably organic) (carrot, vitelotte potato, parsnips, small pumpkin, onion...), ground pepper, flower of salt and a generous dash of olive oil. Bake for about 40min in the warm oven.

A delight!

the restaurant to try

Pizza by the restaurant le Sette

Picture credit : © Facebook Sette

Sette, to eat a tasty pizza", rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis !

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