Como Kitchen, the healthy cantina everyone agrees on

Bowls of salmon steak, beef tenderloin, turkey marinated with spices, roasted chicken, chickpea falafel, roasted cauliflower, broccoli, chili sin carne at Como Kitchen in Paris

A small revolution is underway at lunchtime. Como Kitchen is the the new eating counter everyone agrees on (finally): super hungry, bird appetite, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan… there’s something for everyone.

A yummy express lunch

The secret? A bowl at €12.90 to be composed at whimsy with dozens of super yummy options with Mediterranean influences in keeping with the initial winning formula 1 base + 1 protein + 2 sides + 1 dips. The difference with a classic salad bar? All the preparations are cooked and concocted on the site—no ingredient stays raw. This changes everything in terms of taste.

Concretely? For the base, white rice, black rice, quinoa, bibb lettuce salad or beluga lentils. In terms of proteins, salmon, filet of beef, marinated turkey, roast chicken, falafels of chickpeas or courgettes. For sides, braised cauliflower, broccoli, chili sin carne, mac and cheese without gluten, chakchouka, soft potatoes…). And to combine it all: houmous, tzatziki, feta cream and green olives or cream of spinach with gorgonzola.

Soon right below the office?

Since its arrival at Saint-Philippe-du-Roule, Como Kitchen has drawn in all the lawyers, financiers, agencies and teams from Dior and Cartier, working in the area.

Alexandre Haggai, the young entrepreneur, also at the origin of Shaka Poke, is planning on other new openings in Paris—fingers crossed that it’s might happen near us.

Open Monday to Friday from 11:30am to 3pm 1and from 6pm to 9pm

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