The new cooking classes at the Cordon Bleu school at the Hôtel de la Marine

It's the chic and fun gift idea to reserve ASAP to spoil your gourmet +1. One of the world's largest cooking schools, aka Le Cordon Bleu Paris, is setting up at the Hôtel de la Marine to invite beginners and experienced individuals to cooking classes where they will learn the secrets of great chefs! Put on your chef's hat, tie your apron, and get ready for a unique experience.


which class to choose ?

The idea? To learn, refine techniques, and discover new flavors, all under the watchful eye of a Cordon Bleu chef who guides us through the sessions. There are different formats: the Captain's Workshop, focused on techniques and the secrets of a 1.5-hour recipe followed by 30 minutes of tasting (€110), and the Admiral's Workshop, perfect for preparing a more sophisticated dish with a duration of 3 hours including 30 minutes of tasting (€165). The Dinner Workshop, on the other hand, is an even more convivial experience to be shared with friends or family, during which you learn to cook a gourmet starter for 1.5 hours before sitting down to enjoy a complete dinner (€230).

For a budget-friendly option, it's also possible to attend demonstration classes. In this case, open your eyes wide and observe the meticulous techniques of the chefs to reproduce them later at home (€33).


Let's go, cooks!

Are you more into sweet or savory? From world cuisine, oenology, pastry, to tea time, the list is long and allows you to find THE course that suits you best. In pastry, you can learn to make beautiful macarons, cream puffs, or a superb lemon meringue tart (€98). During oenology workshops, you get to taste cider, champagne, or Pouilly Fumé accompanied by delicious cheeses (€95).

Also noteworthy is the workshop on making a creamy mushroom broth, golden chestnuts with celery, and shavings of duck foie gras (from November 28 to December 23). Or try the dinner workshops to make your own appetizer, such as snails à la bourguignonne with wild mushrooms in puff pastry. Follow it up with tasting coquilles Saint-Jacques cooked in a Breton style shell, pilaf rice with privateer spices, and finish with a crispy chocolate tart and vanilla ice cream. Yum!


Cours Cordon Bleu Paris à l’Hôtel de la Marine, Online reservations start from €28

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Where to find it?

Hôtel de la Marine

2 place de la Concorde

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01 87 05 30 30

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