Monsieur Hardi: The Favorite Boutique for Pampered Pooches

The Monsieur Hardi Shop for pets in Paris

The cool dogs of the Parisian elite finally have their HQ to meet up, play, and stock up on some beautiful gifts. Well-known among pampered pooches, the Monsieur Hardi brand has just inaugurated its first boutique in the Vincennes area, where the wooded surroundings have become the favorite spot for dog lovers' strolls. The mascot of Do It went there to sniff around and provide you with a quick recap


high quality made in france products

It all began with the arrival of Hardi and India, the Shiba Inus, into Alexandra and Sylvain's home. The need for sturdy baskets and carriers to withstand the attacks of their ferocious (or not so ferocious) pets quickly arose. With Alexandra's father being a skilled tailor in a renowned fashion house (and therefore having access to fabulous fabrics and exceptional craftsmanship), it was clear: the brand was launched in 2018.

Monsieur Hardi's star products? An exquisite velvet dog bed, a true couch for dogs available in six highly fashionable colors (€295), along with matching cushions to rest their heads (€30). They also offer comfortable pet carriers (€225) and a wide range of leashes, collars, and harnesses, all crafted directly in their workshop in Bagnolet.


toys and gifts

Toys and gifts for dogs at Monsieur Hardi in Paris

During a visit to the boutique, you can witness a parade of chic or playful dogs who have come to engage with a variety of toys, each more beautiful than the other, carefully chosen by the couple: plush cabbage toys (€21), fantastic balls dressed up as peas in their pods (€24), crochet popcorn (€21), and don't forget the lovely selection of eco-friendly care products, treats, coats, and travel bowls.

One can't help but love the coffee shop corner, where you can enjoy a hot chocolate from Plaq (€4.50) or a cappuccino (€4) while discussing grooming and pet food with the owner.

The boutique is open from Wednesday to Friday, 10 AM to 2 PM and 4 PM to 7 PM, on Saturdays from 10 AM to 7 PM, and on Sundays from 10 AM to 1 PM.

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