Gift Idea: Porcelain Gilding Workshops

It's the chic and friendly experience to try for those who appreciate both fine tableware and DIY workshops. Creator Arnold d'Alger scours France for beautiful porcelain plates and objects to customize with pen and gold, turning his home Bazar d'Alger into a true sacred temple for tableware enthusiasts. Better yet, this inspired aesthete offers to personalize your pieces (or his own) during 3-hour sessions of porcelain decoration initiation, allowing you to leave with your unique piece. Too beautiful.


How does it work?

The meeting takes place in Arnold's dream studio, a vibrant urban jungle in the heart of the 10th arrondissement, just behind the arc of Porte Saint-Martin. There are two options available. Either the "handmade" option where you bring your own tableware (as much as you want!) to customize with brushes, pens, and gold (the result will be optimal on translucent porcelain). Expect to pay 100 € for a 3-hour session, or 120 € if you prefer to choose two plates on the spot from the wonders displayed on the shelves. Preferably team "two left hands"? Artists lacking inspiration can opt for pre-designed decal decorations by Arnold to be directly placed on your plate to avoid any smudging (1.5-hour workshop, 80 € or 100 € if choosing two plates on the spot).

Then it's about dipping your brush in glue and drawing the desired shapes on your support. Let it dry a bit before grabbing a sheet of gold (actually, it's more like highly gilded copper) from the designated bowl (the best destiny for a bowl), then apply it to the glued area before rubbing to remove excess. Voilà! Your drawing appears at the same time as your feeling of becoming a great artist. Finally, the workshop manages the firing of your marvels in a ceramic kiln, then sends them to you a week later by courier or postal service. In short: you have the best gift idea to offer to your mom or BFF to share a lovely moment together.

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