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In 2014, Pierre Sauvage took on the role of Artistic Director at Casa Lopez after twenty years in public relations. Breathing new life into the French decoration house founded in 1988, Pierre Sauvage turned Casa Lopez into a Mediterranean-inspired haven: extravagant rugs, lampshades of all sizes, vibrant tableware, fabrics from around the world, and rattan furniture. The Do It Team had an exclusive chat with this lifestyle enthusiast, unveiling his decorating tips.


Your first tip for successful decoration?

Start with a strong element and build around it. It varies for everyone. For instance, I always begin with the floor and build from there. I love bold floors, so that's my starting point. For others, it might be a fabric, a pair of curtains, or a beautiful piece of furniture they want to highlight. It's different for everyone, but you must know what you want to start with! It's easier that way.


the biggest faux pas in decorating?

I'd say there aren't many. All options are viable, with a few working less effectively, but again, it depends on tastes and colors. The fashion faux pas is not knowing what you truly want. It's failing to find what you love.


Tips for optimizing a small space?

Avoid thinking small and cluttering with numerous small items. It's not pleasant to live in an overly crowded space. It's better to have a double bed in a tiny room, but make it a four-poster bed that adds character. Even better is to have a large lamp with limited space around it; at least you live as if you have a spacious apartment!


How to brighten up a room?

Not by painting it white! That's a misconception. It's more interesting to install multiple lamps to create a warm ambiance. Don't be afraid to overload the room with color on the walls either.


How to effectively combine colors?

What I often do is paint sheets of Canson paper with various colors and then place them on a wall. Once assembled, all the sheets help you see what you like or dislike.


An item worth breaking the bank for?

A beautiful painting, a pair of exquisite lamps, a fine piece of furniture, a side table, or even one of Casa Lopez's rattan items. In any case, something worth keeping, not just a trendy item.


The ideal budget-friendly gift?

A lovely deck of cards. It's often overlooked but always appreciated! Or a pepper mill, as it's an item few people actually have.


How to set a beautiful table?

Just like decorating a room, start with one element and build around it. You can start with a bouquet of flowers, a tableware set, a tablecloth... Always start with one thing, and then have fun!


Your must-haves?

A rug or carpet. It's the foundation of everything in my home.


Your favorite decoration spots in Paris?

I really like Carolina Irving and Daughters, an English tableware brand. I distribute their fabrics. I also adore Style Your Spaces, which I follow a lot on their Insta account. I also buy a lot on eBay, especially old fabrics, small furniture, and lamps.


Designers who inspire you?

There's David X and Franz Potisek, whom I work with. I must also mention Laura Gonzalez, whom I adore! They are all very inspiring.

Thanks to Pierre Sauvage for answering our questions.

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