A masterclass to dance like the girls of the Crazy

Stage Danse Sensuelle Crazy In Love

Éléphant Paname,The Centre d’art et de danse, and Leslie Louis-Jean, former dancer at the Crazy Horse, are offering on 10 February 2019 CRAZY IN LOVE, an off-beat course to learn how to express our sensuality through dancing, under a star-studded Dôme, with a cabaret decor.

You always felt like gyrating wildly in front of your admirer without spraining your ankle on your stilettos or feeling totally silly?

We have good news for all those who dream of displaying strong sensuality… If the wiggling and natural grace of the Crazy Horse dancers make you pale with envy, this dance masterclass will enable you to acquire an incredible sex-appeal in less than 2h...

To teach this course, we could not dream any better than a former dancer of the Crazy in person. The rendezvous is taken with Leslie Louis-Jean at Eléphant Paname, in a cabaret decor and under the star-studded dome of this splendid dance school, a skip and a hop from the Opéra Garnier. A perfect setting.


Whip up your high heels!

The principle of this workshop? Working on self-confidence while ensuring posture and allure. Translation: with a nice curvature, top self-esteem and a splendid bearing: all the elements are gathered to become a sex bomb. You will want more!

During choreography exercises in stilettos, the coach helps to reveal and set forth one’s femininity. More than a lesson of seduction, this course offers very clever coaching to learn how to love one’s self—once and for all. The best 2019 therapy.

Quickly, book your course. And don’t forget to reserve: places are limited.

Save the date!

Sunday the 10th of February 2019 from 3pm to 5pm. €40 for a 2 hour workshop.

Dress code: leggings, T-shirt and a pair of heels

On line sale: www.elephantpaname.com or by phone on 01 49 27 83 33

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