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Not a single bottle of Evian nor Badoit on the horizon, your elevator is on the blink, your it-bag filled to the rim already weighs a ton and your back is killing you from wearing those high heels… Doesn’t the chic Parisienne you are have better to do (shopping, cocooning…) than lugging around liters of bottled drinks?

Very good news! The Do It team has found for you THE super-hero that will save you from the water chore. In the image of the very British milkman who drops off milk each morning for our English neighbors, at our house in Paris, it’s a terrific delivery person who shows up at your house and drops off your bottled drinks!

Clever: he drops them directly on your doormat (yes, yes, even if it’s the 6th floor with no elevator). Evian, Volvic, Badoit, plain or aromatic, as well as orange juice and milk. From small bottles to maxi packs including glass versions to give a chic touch to your table and including the super fashion limited editions: for every whim in every format!

How to get started. Create your account in a jiffy from your smartphone or your computer. Just prepare your order in three simple clicks and chose your delivery options and times: to your home, with a neighbor or your concierge or just dropped off on your door mat … No need to be at home to recuperate your order …

The very good news? A pack of 50 cL Evian is offered to DO IT GIRLS for their first order using the code BIENVENUE

Wea dore: the « Fréquence » subscription formula to receive without having to think to much delivery at a rhythm that suits you, without committmen! (delivery each week more or less closely spaced depending on your needs). The real small plus ?

Delivery is free starting at 15€.

Cherry on the cake for mommies: the Gallia maternity milk option with your Evian pack

Big relief: there is not only Paris in life. Discover all the cities that offer delivery here

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