7 easy tips to see life in pink

Conseils Pour Voir La Vie En Rose

Héctor Garc ía and Francesc Miralles , these two Spaniards converted to the Japanese lifestyle, had already convinced us with their best-seller The Ikigai Method . With their new book Make every moment the best of your life , the two personal development gurus are laying out a well-being bible essential to the overworked Parisian.

How can we infuse some of their wisdom into our daily life? The answer in 7 easy to reproduce points .

Do one thing at a time

Cumulate in the same small evening: an aperitif with your BFF + a yoga class + a romantic dinner ? You already know, it does not fit. But, on top of that, it creates trouble with the people we love ( Have you seen what time it is? ) And it's very demoralizing .

Morality: think succession rather than accumulation. Mondays with her sweetheart , Pilates and series Tuesday , Wednesday a bottle of rosé with friends .

Become an Instagrammer of her own life

How to realize that the present moment is unique , and that it will never happen exactly the same?

Become a mental instagramer . As soon as you experience something cool, take a moment to photograph inside and sublimate that moment, as if you are outside your own life.

“Ichigo ichie” , say the Japanese. Kesako? The present moment is unique, and only you, with negative thoughts, risk skipping it. It is also up to you to learn how to savor it.

See all in black

Imagine losing your job , your boyfriend going off with your best friend, or your mom getting sick. And that, will that make you happy ? Well yes !

By envisioning the worst for a few minutes a day, we regain awareness of the quality of what we have, we revalue it. Well yes, your life is not so bad after all!

Halve loositude

Paume his credit card. Fall ill the day before the holidays. Break his phone screen. The bad situations, it's like that, it's part of life. The only thing you can change is how to understand and the look you put on your life.

Solution n ° 1. Ruminating on your worries only amplifies and increases the pain caused. #double penalty

Solution n ° 2. Repairing the damage and moving on is to start the spiral of win and celebrate the happiness found.

Make an appointment with yourself

To compensate for your frantic pace, go have a tea… solo !

The Japanese attach great importance to the tea ceremony , which summons the five senses and allows you to relax for a few minutes. A special moment , like your yoga class and your evening meditation session. Completely ikigai -compatible .

Do something you never did

Because you can't get new results by doing the same thing over and over, think “ new adventures ” and “ wow projects ” that are easy to achieve!

Everything is good: try a new sport , climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, get tickets to go to the opera that night, read an article on a subject you don't know anything about or see a friend with whom you have lost contact. In short: so many opportunities to reinvent your own tastes and give a hint of excellence and something new to your life.

Think minimalist

Right in the vibe of Marie Kondo , to live happier we sort out his dressing room and get rid of the bad vibes objects lying around in his apartment.

Try to go further by following the principle of Héctor Garc ía and Francesc Miralles : keep only the essential . Even in his emotional life . Translation: we oust toxic cronies and we focus on our best friends .

Livre de Héctor Garcia et Francesc Miralles, edition Solar

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