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Life is not just Platinum. The ultra-rich bank card does not have a monopoly on advantageous proposals for those who can afford it! In fact, the information to follow may well change the situation. Hello Bank! , BNP Paribas' online bank, has just set up Hello Prime : an offer that you will not be able to refuse ...

The CB that saves galley plans

Is your bank card missing? The time to find it at the bottom of the bag (yes, yes, it is there), you can easily lock your account from the app, as for everything else. Did your guy / BFF give you this cute handbag? Transfers between accounts are free. Are you (as usual) in short supply but need to settle a large sum in disaster? A payment facility at the checkout allows you to manage the unexpected despite everything.

We continue. Do you prefer to unsheathe your laptop (always in your hand) rather than take out the big messy wallet to treat yourself to a Coke Light on the terrace? Your virtual card settles the bill in a second. Do you feel that you went a little hard on summer dresses, sandals and swimsuits? Your expense breakdown allows you to better manage the next month. As for the fees that hurt when withdrawing money abroad: it's finito. Clearly, Hello Prime is shaping up to be the new ally of heads-up accustomed to galley plans ... or simply those who simply like to be organized.

One year free, without obligation

Anyone who has tested it will tell you: saying bye bye to an advisor who is never available and at improbable opening hours, this is the intelligent bold move of 100% online banking .

And while you're doing it, why not give it a try? Right now Hello Bank! offers you all the benefits of the Hello Prime card for one year, without any commitment or cancellation fees. At the end of a year, if you are satisfied, it will cost you the modest sum of 5 € per month. Frankly reasonable ...

With, always, the cool advantages of Hello Bank! , namely the pleasant notification “ Your salary has arrived! ”, Real-time card operations on the app and above all great insurance services. It's all good.

Find all the information about the Hello Prime offer on

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