The buzzing show at the Cartier Foundation

Lexpo Qui Buzze A La Fondation Cartier

Between the young mommy shopping with her baby in Lilliputian format and the giant retired couple relaxing on the beach, it’s easy to imagine that Ron Mueck is just back from a voyage with Gulliver in the fantastic universe of Jonathan Swift.

The Australian artist makes sculptures with vivid realism in contrast with the size of his personas. From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, he showcases them by playing on the scales.

We like: a dozen intriguing sculptures, sometimes even troubling to discover urgently at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Ron Mueck

Until 29 September 2013, everyday except Monday from 11am to 8pm. Late night on Tuesday until 10pm.

Entrance fee: 9,50 €
Reduced rate: 6,50 €

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