How to infiltrate the Prix Goncourt ?

Restaurant Drouant Goncourt

This week is somewhat the fashion week of literature. All of Paris is talking about promising writers, dissertations on the new novels that might receive be receiving awards… and dreams being part of the social buzz around literary prizes.

Contrary to appearances, sipping a drink next to Beigbeder or Despentes is not a luxury reserved for a few well introduced Parisiennes. Because there is more chic and more snobby than the Prix de Flore. Let us explain.

Everything is happening at Drouant !

Since 1903, ten venerable writers (Virginie Despentes, Bernard Pivot, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt…) gather every year for a mythical luncheon to award the prize for the best book of the year - the Goncourt -live from the restaurant Drouant.

It’s in the same dining room, at the next door table, that another team of journalists (Frédéric Beigbeder, Jérôme Garcin, Franz-Olivier Giesbert...) debates at the table before awarding the Prix Renaudot.

How to be part of this world from the inside?

Nothing could be more simple: just reserve at Drouant you also.

While the two juries are debating around a feast, the common or mortals can also enjoy a gourmet experience, attend the press conference, watch the discourse of the winning writers, be in the spotlight of the journalists’ cameras when they leave the premises. In short, partake as a spectator from the inside. We are telling you, this is an unusual and highly exciting experience.

On the menu of the 7th of  November 2018

Here are the delights that the Pivot and Beigbeder gang will be enjoying at their tables...

Mouthwatering: Gillardeau oyster with watercress, haddock and caviar, champagne (€9), a fine jelly of crab meat, lobster and sea urchin along with a cream of cauliflower (€29), a filet of sole champagne sauce (€39), deer meat, foie gras with a Grand Veneur sauce (€49), brie cheese from Meaux with truffles (€18) or a poire Belle Hélène (€14).

Lunch on Wednesday the 7th of  November. Reservations at 01 42 65 15 16. A la carte lunch. Entire menu with dish and wine pairing at 210.

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