How to copy Yoni Saada's sublime hummus?

Recette Houmous De Yoni Saada

We found Yoni Saada's hummus recipe, which the ex-Top Chef serves in his Mediterranean canteen Bagnard . A real slaughter.

For about 6 people


The recipe can also be made with dried chickpeas . It will suffice to soak them overnight in baking soda and then cook them for 45 minutes in salted water , it will be even better.

In your blender, place all the ingredients except the onion and paprika , a little cooking water (if dry chickpeas at the start) or mineral water . Mix everything, adjusting the seasoning and texture as you go. Reserve a few chickpeas for the dressing.

Arrange on a plate. Add the reserved chickpeas , the onion strips , a pinch of paprika , a pinch of fleur de sel and a drizzle of olive oil .

Enjoy with a sliced pita or toast .

Also discover: the restaurant of Yoni Sadaa and Bagnard, the counter in Pans Bagnats.

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