A very couture veal carpaccio

Carpaccio Veau Yves Camdeborde

Healthy and light just before Summer (bikini body, here we come), one dares to revisit a great classic of Italian gastronomy: the carpaccio. In keeping with Pentecost tradition, we serve veal in a fresh and spicy version with a dash of coriander. Or how to impress guests in 15 minutes flat.

Preparation: 15 minutes (+ 10 minutes to cut the meat)

No cooking

For 4 persons

·        Place the veal filet for 20 to 30 minutes in the freezer so that it hardens and is easier to cut.

·        Meanwhile, prepare the chilli sauce: in a bowl, mix the lemon juices with the salt and pepper, mix in the olive oil, add the celery cut in small cubes and the round shape chilli, the chiselled shallots and the coriander

·        Cut fine slices of veal with a sharp knife, present on cold plates, add the slivers of grana padano and the chilli sauce, sprinkle with pine nuts and decorate with a few nice leaves of coriander, serve immediately.

The Chef’s variation

Enhance the recipe by replacing the chilli sauce with a bagna cauda sauce and very slightly baste the veal slices before adding grana padano slivers.

Bagna cauda sauce:  pan fry a peeled garlic clove cut in half with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, add 2 twigs of thyme and 4 filets of drained anchovies in oil, cook 5 minutes on an average flame, crush the anchovies, add 200 g of fresh cream and 1 small raw peeled potato, allow to cook until there is a sauce and then pass through a strainer.

Text recipe: Pentecost veal / Mauro Colagreco

Photo credit: Pentecost veal / Amélie Roche

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