3 toys to climb the curtains


20 years after the democratization of sextoys , the vibrating bath duck and other waterproof vibrators have become commonplace. However, a generation of new ultra high-tech toys have emerged.

At the center of our concerns: the clitoris , the only organ in the human body whose sole purpose is to focus on pleasure . Better: its stimulation is necessary for 3 out of 4 women to obtain a vaginal orgasm … CQFD. It remains to discover the 3 little toys that will take you to 7th heaven.

The most high-tech

Sextoy high-tech

The good toy: Sona de Lelo .

For who ? Those who don't need anyone.

The feminist Amber Rose , the very hot ex of Kanye West speaks of it as an object " clitorally breathtaking ". Sona is the revolution in the world of vibrators . And for good reason: this sonic clitoral massager works wonders by diffusing sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris , not just the outer part that you can see and touch yourself.

Result? This ultra design and too cute object allows to increase tenfold of additional sensations. Did you say yet?

69 € instead of 149 €, available online

The smallest player

Anneau vibrant Durex

The good toy: an Orgasm'Intense Vibrations ring by Durex .

For who ? Couples in search of thrills.

Shared orgasms, it's the foot. This is the promise of this particularly cute and “ low profile vibrating ring for those new to bed toys.

Its high added value? It is designed to sit at the base of the penis and allows for a more intense erection while stimulating the clitoris with which it is often in contact during the 20 minutes of gentle but highly effective vibrations .

€ 6.79, available online

The most olé olé

doigt vibrant de 50 shades of Grey

The good toy: the vibrating finger of 50 shades of Gray .

For who ? The duos who like to go further.

In their perverse and SM games , Christian and Ana are crazy about this very hot accessory to say the least. Obviously, the 50 Shades of Gray sex toy franchise couldn't help but market the " Secret Touching ".

Concretely: a cartridge that you put on your finger like a 6 cm vibrating ring . Inside, outside, in front, behind, this little tool is used for all naughty games thanks to its delicious vibrations to be dispensed without moderation. The most initiated will explain to you that the must is to lend it in love and play it one after the other.

€ 19.99, available in stores and online at Passage du Désir

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