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Spectacle Alex Lutz

Alex Lutz is a being apart. Sensitive, funny, a bit megalomaniac (according to his own words), mixing classical theater and poo-poo pranks with virtuosity, the actor is currently shaking his “ artistic body ” at the Folies Bergère . And the legend was true: poetry obliges, the entry on the scene is indeed done on a beautiful white horse.

Word and body games

In this new show, the one who won a César for best actor for his film Guy continues to ask existential questions . The origin of the expression “ not stung of the chafer ”? A dark story of a drugged beetle. The very first laugh that broke out on earth? It would be due to the sonorous fart of an Australopithecus, of course. As for the hiker , he will offer you an incredible mime exercise during a walk in the forest with a couple in a full Quechua package . Mythical...

To summarize, we screw up over great digressions that also encourage dreams and reflection, not without forgetting to tackle modern men and women. If the ultra-smart business leader and shit at work puts all maturity at home (“ J'trouve paaaas ”), the loving wife goes from joy to suicidal impulses while envying the perfect life of a food blogger (“ Shit, but I don't have spelled flour ”). Because it must be said: the “ transvestite of Canal + ” (cuckoo Catherine and Liliane ) plays the ladies like no one else.

As a bonus

In the first part, we (re) discover the trio of singers Les Coquettes , the Andrews Sisters 2.0 who string together some of their new crazy songs about old age, femininity and even sodomy. We adore them forever.

Until January 26 at the Folies Bergère, from € 19, reservations on www.foliesbergere.com

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© Laura Gilli

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