The Beatles in Paris: a souvenir exhibition

Beatles Reading Fan Mail Benson1964 Lg

Paris, 1964, while their groupies were lining up in front of the Hotel George V, the four most talked about boys of the moment were having a pillow fight in their suite!       An amusing anecdote at the origin of the photo series taken by Harry Benson and presented today, some 50 years later, on the premises of the photo shoot.

The photographer unveils close-ups of the cult rock group, immortalized at the time in addition to their legendary concerts at the Olympia. Another magical moment to discover in images, the composition of « I Feel Fine » with John Lennon and Paul McCartney at the piano, closer than ever.

We like: strolling in front of the photos in the main gallery and at the bar, venues where the Beatles actually passed through in person. Very chic, this is also the place to come sip a Dreamlover (gin, cucumber, lemon grass, lemon juice) or order an In Bed With… George (rum, mint, ginger, elder flower, apple juice, lemon juice)

"I Fell Fine” – Exhibition of the Beatles photos taken by Harry Benson at the George V, from 15 to 30 June 2014, in the main gallery and facing the bar.

©Harry Benson

Cocktail, 28 €

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