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Explosion of fortune-telling cards and divinatory games, big rush on crystals that ward off negative energies, a clairvoyant happy hour with the girls: this new fad, landed straight from the US, is the new lifestyle in vogue. Far from the Madame Irma style of predictions, this new fad feel-good aims at warding off negative waves and putting a little magic into your daily life. Your turn to play.

Good luck crystals : the new hot fad


It’s the new obsession on the other side of the Atlantic according to Garance Doré in person. From New York to L.A., trend setters are all exchanging this very positive and up-to-date gift considered as a good luck charm.

Explanation: healing treatments through stones (or lithotherapy for pros) consists in taking advantage of mineral virtues to repair small ailments. Stones, naturally charged with energy, are capable of interacting with our skin and our blood circulation system. Tiger’s eye to fight against stress, malachite to ward off your smartphone‘s negative electromagnetic waves, crystal to increase your intuition, lapis lazuli to boost hair regrowth.

And the good news is that the jewellery brand Linkstones has just launched a complete collection of chic and « magical » pieces with precious benefits… To each gem: it’s well-being power. With a cabochon setting, inlaid on gold or silver, stones slip on splendid bracelets and necklaces in sharkskin in order to carry a good vibes does everywhere.

Other labels are also wagering on the positive energies of minerals to created accessories with high added values. Our favourite? Jewellery by Concerto n°1, Gas Bijoux and Morganne Bello, for whom the new AD and gemologist Caroline Roberti de Courcel, used topaz, peridot and pink quartz for the latest collection.

Linkstones, 60EUR for a cabochon and 120EUR for a shark skin bracelet. Sold on


The explosion of divinatory games

divinatory games

Playing your life heads or tail: such is the new cool rule of the clairvoyance game; this should definitely appeal to all those who have a hard time making decisions. Especially with the super funny extra-lucid playing dice by artist Stéphane Radenac, recently created for Studio Marant. As a precise question, shake the dice on which are written the words (“no limit”, “audacity”, “be calm”, “laugh”) and act in consequence !

In the same vein, the decision token edited by the young label Dymant is a real asset in moments of doubt. On the one side “yes”, on the other “no”. Your destiny is in its hands.

The 3 dice set by Stéphane Radenac for Studio Marant, 55EUR. Sold on

Decision token in stamped brass, gold or silver plate, Dymant, 80EUR. Available on


The big asset of fortune-telling cards !

hermes cards

Is the boss going to give you the promotion that you expect ? Will Jon Snow save the GOT from the apocalypse ? Fortune-telling cards have it al. And even if you still have doubts on subject, it’s totally cool to post your card game with strong photogenic potential on Instagram.

Beginners will adore the game set of divinatory games by Sabine Sikarcioglu—soothsayer from mother to daughter— complete and didactic. The glam ’alternative? Aquarium Tarot in an Art Deco style sold at Crystal Cactus, the select e-shop of Audrey Kitching, former Amercian model reconverted into a fantasy-filled artist keen about clairvoyance and the spirits.

Even more snobbish, the fortune-telling card game with the Hermès logo, wrapped in the iconic orange box of the house in pocket format.

The divinatory game set by Sabine Sikarcioglu, 22EUR each. Sold here

Aquarium Tarot, 18 dollars. Sold on

Cards L'Effet Domino, Jeu de tarot, fortune-telling game set of 78 cards, Hermès, 90EUR. Available on

Crédit photo : Studio des fleurs

Fortune tellers and soothsayers : the new shrinks ?

Instead of sofa monologues that are a tad frustrating, one prefers instant answers. Fortune tellers, mediums, telepaths, clairvoyants, you will be surprised to hear that George Clooney, Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt consult them regularly. And the capacity of thesesoothsayers to read in your lives is sometimes bluffing.

Such is the case of Elodie Mourrain, who has NLP training (neuro-linguistic programming), biological decoding as well as sophro-relaxation. By communicating with our ancestors, they manage to treat issues buried from generation to generation that are coming back to the surface. A terrific experience worthy of the Sixième Sens. She also organises workshops to learn how to develop and follow you own intuition.

We like: fortune telling happy hours at Ma Cocotte, the über trendy rendezvous of the Saint-Ouen flea market. Newt rendezvous on Wednesday with Eva Merhis, confirmed medium, who will take a look at your past and present around a plancha and a glass of wine. Top, the consultation is free.

Travel happy hour, formula for 2 persons (plate to share + 2 glasses of wine) starting at 30EUR.

Elodie Mourrain, 63 rue Nationale, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt. 01 47 79 07 26 or 06 60 82 36 13. Session of 1h15 : 110 Euros. Session of 40mn by telephone: 55 Euros. More information on

Ma Cocotte, 106 Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen. All the infos on

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