Make your entrepreneurship dream come true !

We have good news for women, the real ones, who dream of starting their own company without daring to venture forth.

The time for good 2018 resolutions has come ! It is time to change the world. In any case yours for sure ! Softly wake up the entrepreneur sleeping inside you…

Open up your ears. Yoplait and Perle de Lait have created the Trophée des Perles, that sends out a broad call for women’s projects.

The purpose: to support and help financially the project of 4 entrepreneurial women. These 4 grants of €5,000 will be attributed by a jury that will award a price to each winner of the 3 categories offered: Eco-citizenship, Society, The blossoming of women, without forgetting the Prize of the public.

How does it work?

  • In March: the jury will select 3 projects by category. After an oral presentation of the finalists, the 4 great winners for each project will be selected on the 18th of May, before the official announcement of the results on the 11th of June at the prize award ceremony.
  • The winners will each be backed by an ultra-inspiring godmother for the success of their project: Charlotte Fredouille (founder of the Peduli Alam Association), Sarah Cherruault-Anouge (founder of Auticiel),  Margaux Clément (founder of Simplement Femme).

Hurray for Empowerment ! Just play…

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