A very very chic reading session

Combining fashion with a fun book?

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 What’s the story ? Pierre Garzón, author of «What sculptures have to say», is set up in the new temple of Parisian fashion, for a reading session on the history Daniel Marcot’s works.

 Where ? In the new vintage boutique of fashionistas, La Pièce de Moli.

The concept: One evening, four sculptures by Daniel Marcot, four stories told by the author Pierre Garzón, surrounded by vintage haute-couture clothes We like: This unique occasion to combine fashion and art. Buy a unique piece and go home with the book dedicated by a young 21-year-old prodigy !

 On 17 January 2013 starting at 6h30

Reservations: Virginie Beauvais / Virginie@papermoon.fr

06 67 38 87 61

RSVP before 14 January 2013

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Where to find it?

La pièce de Moli

20, rue Saint Nicolas

75012 Paris

Ledru-rollin Ledru-rollin

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