Astrology: what to expect in 2022

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A page turns with a chaotic year 2021, high in twists and turns. After a roller coaster ride, it's time for major upheavals in 2022. Do you dream of knowing a little more?

Both an astrologer and a numerologist, the extraordinary Muriel Siron , consulted by actresses, politicians and the entire Parisian jet-set, took stock of the year, before focusing on the 2022 astrological predictions sign by sign for the bulls, scorpions, scales, cancers, twins, capricorns, rams, lions, virgins, aquarius, sagittarius and fish.

On track !


It will swing again on Earth! Between a need for individual freedom and a collective rebellion, life will still not be a long quiet river in 2022 .

Between supporters of progress and conservatives, the world will be heckled by contradictory waves. The earth also risks expressing its disagreement between climatic disturbances , the awakening of volcanoes and fires. Spring promises to be tense and the presidential elections very agitated. Unexpected events, disputes and violence will multiply. Some seek a quality of life, a return to their roots, while others foster anger, resentment and resentment. Two worlds, visible and invisible, clash. Finding your inner freedom will become a priority.

The 2022 challenge? Knowing how to position ourselves, dare to move towards a new way of living and raise our consciousness towards a balance, both individual and collective. Humanity will have to adapt in order to reinvent itself better.

Our world will continue to evolve, to progress towards more spirituality. Even though… Nothing will ever be the same again. The 21st century will or will not be spiritual. And I will answer you: it will be!


Sarah Jessica Parker is Aries

Since 2021, you want to change. Luckily, luck is on the way! But you will still need a little patience to enjoy the benefits of Jupiter. In 2022, it wakes you up and forces you to take action. Between May and October, everything can be played! Add to that other good planetary aspects (Thank you Mars in friendly signs and in your sign) and you are energized, active and reactive from May 25 until the beginning of July. Energetic, you take up challenges, explore other horizons. Your ideas are great.

Heart side. From March 7, everything thaws! Loose ties in early 2022 are being renewed. Buisness is back. In May… passion wins you over. No more lukewarm loves, you finally vibrate. At the end of June, Venus exhilarates you. August 12: we move on to serious matters. In October, it's a good start to put the ring on your finger! From mid-November until December 10: all is well! From August 21 until the end of 2022: your alertness will be there.

Job and social life. From May 11, Jupiter makes your life easier, even if Pluto makes you want to throw everything away. Let go of your chronic impatience. How about fine-tuning projects on the go? Review your ideas, forget to impose them in force. Between May 11 and October 28, Jupiter wakes you up… Changes, ideas, new ambitions are on the program. On May 25, your desires prevail. Between actions and creations, you innovate.

Form. Take care of you. Between intense activities and periods of laziness, you risk losing the North. Go for a relaxing activity. Your body and mind will thank you. Forget about sports that are too exhausting to change!

The advice to follow: your plans will be successful especially if you add a touch of sweetness to everything you do. No longer impose your ideas in force!

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Adèle is Taurus

2022 promises to be more comfortable than 2021. Jupiter is sending you good vibes. Your projects are being put in place. Normal, luck unlocks complicated situations. More comfortable with those around you, you become more convincing and also cooler, less stubborn, even if you continue to be pressured. This summer gives you fishing.

Heart side. At the beginning of January and until March 6, Venus makes your eyes soft. Cooler, you rediscover your sensuality. The past is erased and with it disappointments, reproaches and annoyances of all kinds. Love becomes a source of inspiration. Two is better! Supported and accompanied in your projects, you will find yourself smiling. But beware ! Between March and April, things get complicated! Venus and Saturn disturb you. In April and May, your feelings are more peaceful. Conflicts disappear. At the start of the school year, the atmosphere finally becomes fluid. But in the fall, the annoyances are back. Fortunately, in winter… everything is better, thank you Jupiter!

Job and social life. Beginning of 2022 will help you make your plans a reality. You keep your promises. The engagements ? “ Even more scared! ”We support you, your talents are appreciated. Dare to develop and structure your ideas. Ride the wave of ease. Confidence in yourself, in your abilities reappears. Go further, higher! But keep your feet on the ground, take some distance.

Form. If in 2021 you lacked energy and motivation, in 2022, you will find yourself smiling. Passionate, you are open to everything. A new activity, a new hobby awaits you. End of January (March in fish) wakes you up. In the spring… you are toned and energetic.

The advice to follow: in 2022, life is easier, on one condition: ignore the ideas or people that turn you on. Beware of your dangerous impulses!

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Camille Lellouche is gemini

Wait until the beautiful month of May to see your ideas, launched in 2021, come to fruition.

Jupiter supports you from May 11 to October 28. Before, keep your feet on the ground. In 2022, Saturn is helping you structure your plans. The seriousness and the spirit of commitment push you to deepen your efforts. Perfect yourself! Time is your friend. Don't try to make your dreams come true at any cost, just yet.

Heart side. In January, Mars heckles your loves. Your need for freedom is essential!

You are going through an area of turbulence. In March, Venus and Mars send you good vibes! Oh yes ! It gets better! Your loves too. In August, you rediscover your gift of seduction. The fun is there. No need to distance yourself at the start of the school year, you have the perfect love and… until the end of the year!

Job and social life. Negotiations and agreements are multiplying. Aim for what is achievable and fair. Things then materialize, without wasting time. But beware ! Don't ask for the moon. Set limits for yourself. Between May 11 and October 28, you are forced to step up. Disagreements disappear. Luck is at the rendezvous. Things are taking shape. On July 5, you make decisions. We support you in your efforts. You are successful from August 21 until the end of the year.

Form. From January to May, Jupiter inspires you moments of laziness before boosting you from mid-May to October. You oscillate disconcertingly all year round. To remedy these temperature variations, indulge yourself! How? 'Or' What ? By doing something you love.

The advice to follow: in 2022, the more reasonable you will be, the more luck you will have in achieving your personal ambitions while avoiding disappointments! Calm your chronic impatience.

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Charlotte Gainsbourg is cancer

From January to mid-May, you want to surpass yourself. Move the lines of your life! Dare to try other experiences, go live elsewhere! Luck invites itself very close to you. You are capable of doing great things. Between May and October: be careful! Jupiter calms your daring until October 28. Your ambitions are more thwarted. Your certainties about changing course are weakening. Wait until the end of October: the return of Jupiter… in fish.

Heart side. Venus casts a chill on your loves. In April, it allows tenderness to resurface. We take you by the feelings. You are founding. In June, Venus hugs you. Between promises and hugs as a duo, you talk about projects and the future with your lover. Summer from mid-July to mid-August promises to be serene and reassuring. At the start of the school year, the energy is there. You have the feeling that all is well, which will be confirmed at the end of October.

Job and social life. You will find the means to develop your talents. You have the resources, you go above and beyond. The luck is there, you are pushing the boundaries of your life,

Between opportunities, proposals and new friendships, you are delighted. Neptune helps you collect great ideas. You dream of living differently, take initiatives,

seize the chance in flight, it's time! Small flat between May 11 and October 28, where we multiply the challenges. Be courageous: force your plans to change. Otherwise, you will have to wait until… October 28, to find your smile again.

Form. Until spring, you don't really want to put in the effort. Your lack of motivation just makes you want to stay under the covers. You will be back on your feet in April. To avoid stress, stop storing your emotions. Take some distance from life and let go more often.

The advice to follow: dare to defend and impose your projects and your convictions. Then things will change and we will understand you better.

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Jennifer Lopez is Leo

In 2022, Jupiter the great beneficent increases your chances and resources and helps you overcome the hazards and disappointments of everyday life. Too bad Saturn is holding you back. Here you are in the obligation to arrange yourself with everything that warms your mane. You are revising certain ambitions downwards. Only patience will help you embrace success. A few grains of sand jostle you and could limit your success. Between May 11 and October 28, opportunities are there, liberation is near.

Heart side. Uranus disrupts the mood. A climate of tension settles on your loves. And now the past and its habits are slowly falling apart. You have an obligation to move forward. However, all will not be rosy, between lack of opportunities and blockages. Life will not be easy every day. At the beginning of May, Venus makes you smile again: this is the liberating click. Between the end of May, June and the beginning of July, Mars - at home - wakes you up. Things change, everything becomes more obvious. This summer: strong love is back. You manage things with finesse, your loves find a new youth.

Job and social life. At the start of 2022, you feel like you don't belong. Difficult to find solutions. A lack of prospects is there. Fortunately, you are holding on, even if you paddle forward. Between May 11 and October 28, Jupiter offers you the opportunity to turn things around. The opportunities are there. In June, motivation awakens your chakras, you make your plans a reality without wasting time. This summer, things are less obvious. Good news: at the start of the school year, everything is working out!

Form. Until June, a certain weariness invades you, a lack of motivation takes hold of your mind. It is difficult for you to detach yourself from certain constraints. At the start of the year, there is no need to force yourself. Adapt and slow down. During the summer, it will be better. Taking up a hobby or sport would make you better. Be careful not to get caught up in too many things at the same time.

The advice to follow: in the face of change, use finesse. Tact and diplomacy

will be welcome, especially in your negotiations. Then your plans can come to fruition.

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Zendaya is virgo

At the start of 2022, the commitments will be on the program. You will be able to demonstrate lucidity. Free will is coming to you. Between restraint and prudence, you will be able to take your time, while imposing your conditions. Between May and October, the pressure is released, you are given time to think. Knowing what you really want will be critical to your success.

Heart side. From January to early March, Venus makes your life easier. Take care of yourself, you feel good, without being too overwhelmed by your fiancé (e). Be careful in April and early May! You will be asked for more proof of love. The pressure is building up a notch. Your lack of judgment risks upsetting the mood. It's hard to be reasonable, especially in a duo. At the end of May, you find yourself smiling again, you pull yourself together. Summer promises to be more serene, your feelings are stronger. At the start of the school year, you are in control. In the fall, things are finally clear.

Job and social life. Part 1 2022, beware (dissonance of Jupiter and Neptune in fish), you will need to clarify your priorities and review your plans. The opportunities will multiply. Aim for the essential and prioritize your interests, then success will be at the end of the road. For that, you will have to forget the too utopian proposals, especially those brought on a plate by your friends. No need to give in to temptation. summer will be beneficial (with the support of Mars in Taurus) until the end of the year. Forget the dispersion, then success will be there.

Form. You could experience ups and downs in 2022. To remedy these temperature variations, which are not always productive, react! How? 'Or' What ? By gaining height. Don't get overwhelmed by your emotions. Evacuate them! Relax regularly and go for a run, boxer, yogater… then life will be cooler!

The advice to follow: in 2022, the opportunities will present themselves. Make the right choices, think about yourself and your interests more often. Forget about too risky plans.

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Marion Cotillard est balance

Saturn helps you overcome your mood swings. If luck is back in May, the 3rd decan will be disrupted again. Between surprising opportunities, stroke of luck and loss of bearings, you will be jostled. The unexpected comes to you. Saturn will help you manage time and things in the best way and to your advantage. Prudence will be your friend. Objectivity will be your passport to success.

Heart side. Until March 6, there is tension in the air. Fortunately, from the month of March, the game calms down and everything is sorted out. At the beginning of May, Venus and Jupiter create a surprise. Love at first sight, reconciliation or / and questioning are possible. At the end of June, the promises multiply. But beware, between mid-July and mid-August, things get stuck! Then, from mid-August, hope reappears. Love rhymes with good resolutions. Until the end of the year, you overcome obstacles: Mars in Gemini supports you from August 21 to the end of the year.

Job and social life. Between May 11 and October 28, Jupiter shakes up your achievements as much as your certainties and meets your hopes. If bold proposals arise, make up your mind quickly. With Saturn, you will stay tempered. Seriousness and reflection will force you to deepen certain points. Taking the time to find a compromise will continue to be beneficial. Forget the crazy risks.

Form. In 2022, dare to think of yourself! Don't get caught up in stress! Catch luck on the fly, but also opportunities and dare the unexpected. Artistic activities such as painting, dancing and music will delight you. Yoga beautifies you! Think about it! Treat your body and heart as much as your mind.

The advice to follow: forget about excess and haste. If the opportunities multiply, take some distance before accepting everything. Moderation being your best quality, dare to abuse it more often. So success and happiness will be there.

The right prescription to stay zen? The elixir of LARCH, to cure your doubts and your lack of self-confidence!


Alexa Chung is Scorpio

In 2022, the pressure is finally easing. Luck knocks on your door at the beginning of January. Gentleness and compassion will be on the program, you will get to the point. Comfort will be there. Expect an easier, more enjoyable life. This is enough to treat your “ wild ” side. You will give up your armor. Yet Saturn will force you to be patient. Uranus will always excite you with desires to send everything to waltz, as much with your partner as your collaborators.

Heart side. Between January 1 and May 11 and from October 28, Jupiter will send you good waves for the happiness of your loves. From 2022, some will have more pleasant behavior. More attractive, you will also become more romantic. In May, your most indecent dreams come true. In summer, from mid-July to mid-August, Venus hugs you, things become concrete. The unexpected enchants you before destabilizing you from August 12 to early September. At the start of the school year: we reconcile, the duo promises make you happy. In November and until Christmas Eve, we fill you with joy. Love sets in.

Job and social life. You go straight to the point and it works for you. No more trivia, you have no time to waste. Saturn in tension with the family sector disturbs you, slows you down and it annoys you! Uranus is not helping. You are now on the defensive. What if you chose negotiation? Open up to new ideas. Accept delays or deadlines: adapt. Express yourself, yes, but with a little extra heat. Your projects and ideas will then be more warmly welcomed.

Form. Watch out for changes in mood and energy. Between the ability to lift mountains and lack of punch, you will sometimes lose the North. Dare to let go. Neptune brings you more sweetness. Multiply the leisure time, you will keep smiling, especially in the more delicate periods. Go for meditation. You will then make the right decisions at the right time.

The advice to follow: no need to get upset, to shut yourself up, express yourself calmly. Neptune and Jupiter will help you. Treat yourself more often!

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Angele is Sagitarius

If Jupiter in the family sector disturbs you, from January to mid-May, it will make your eyes soft from mid-May to October, in the leisure, love and children sector. You will regain your chronic enthusiasm. In short, between up and down, you will experience difficult times, followed by magnificent expansions. Sometimes your plans will be disrupted. Saturn will protect you and calm these ups and downs. If everything gets complicated, slow down and go for it with caution, it will always be better than the excitement. Wisdom and realism will allow you to achieve your goals.

Heart side. From January to the end of April, luck will not necessarily be there. Be careful! Preserve your achievements. The questioning could multiply. A feeling of lack of freedom will make you feel as though you are suffocating. From May, everything is better! The planets warm you and awaken your sentimental ardor. Between passions and burning desires, you will find pretty colors. With Jupiter, anything is possible: between May and October, your loves find their bearings. Reconciliation or meeting are considered. But in September, Venus warms your nerves again. Keep your promises and you will be fine.

Job and social life. Harmony is at the rendezvous with your close entourage. Between depth and good ideas, you communicate better and differently. If sometimes, however, feelings of loneliness invade your chakras, gain height. We won't always understand you. Some blockages could thwart your plans. Fortunately, from mid-May until October, things really get better. The difficulties disappear. Between enthusiasm and strength, you regain confidence in yourself, in life. All the same, keep your feet on the ground. Listen to good advice from friends more often.

Form. Mars helps you! The energy is there between January and March then in May. You are now morally liberated, motivation follows. No more gloom and worry! You find yourself smiling again in May: you are reactive. You catch opportunities on the fly, luck sets in. But beware: you overstep your limits too often. Between two cardio sessions… catch your breath!

The advice to follow: do you always like to assert yourself? Between May and October, Jupiter will help you. Before, opt for more humility, you will avoid disappointments.

The right prescription to stay zen? The elixir of IMPATIENCE… which will cure your impatience!


Vanessa Paradis is Capricorn

2022 will be both beneficial and yet sometimes chaotic. Between January and May,

Jupiter sends you very beautiful waves in the area of exchanges, with your close entourage. In the fall, the planets pamper you and improve your daily life. Multiply the pleasures, choose the comfort. But beware ! In spring and summer, tensions reappear. You are not immune to blockages. You will have to adapt and deal with it. At the end of October, things get better. The crises subside. You make your voice heard, you find common ground. The exchanges calm down. Between negotiations and agreements, you will find yourself smiling.

Heart side. Between January and February, Venus awakens your feelings and multiplies your desires, in a duo. In March, you become enterprising. You are now open to a new meeting. You are looking for harmony in a duet. In April, the planets hug you. You are “ in love ”. Dare the unexpected! And why not, one or more unforeseen encounters? In May, be careful, the tension reappears. You are upset, you question everything that had started so well. In August, harmony returns, your loves are protected. In autumn: it continues. The planets protect you.

Job and social life. With the good vibes of Pluto and Neptune, your relationships with others improve. You bond. Your friendships are refined and solidified. Between January 1 and May 11, then, in the fall, your close entourage calls on you and helps you. The luck is there. You get out of your routine or your loneliness and you improve your daily life. You open up, you move. You embrace the unexpected. Holidays are a success for you. Multiply the pleasant moments: the projects will follow.

Form. Let go more often and dare to trust life. Try detachment, you will not be immune from happy events. If from January to mid-May you feel like a state of grace, it just might be disturbed. Watch out for stress. Breathe and calm down especially between May and October. Relax. In September, Venus will help you recharge your batteries.

The advice to follow: to face the problems, straight in the eyes, take height on the vagaries of life. You will then find your legendary fighting spirit!

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Shakira is Aquarius

Between foresight, organizational spirit and patience, you will be ready to face any challenge straight in the eye and even more from May 11 until October 28. Then again at the end of the year, Jupiter protects you. After the wait, the expansion of your plans and your crazy ideas. All lights are green. But beware ! Uranus is in danger of sending everything flying. Stay realistic and vigilant and you will make your plans a reality.

Heart side. At the start of 2022, it could lack color on the heart side. If your loves are a little gloomy in January, things get better in February and early March. Your loves take height, you find the smile. In May, you seduce those around you. No more monotony, you live again. Between exchanges and invitations: you vibrate. In June and July, Cupid gives you wings. In August, he takes them back from you. In October and November, it will be a bit complicated. The sky clears in autumn and winter. Your loves flourish.

Job and social life. At the start of 2022, it will lack lightness. If in 2021 you were supported by Jupiter, in 2022 you will sometimes be tired of waiting. Then, between May 11 and October 28, Jupiter gives you sweet eyes. Luck returns. Between the end of May and the beginning of July, your plans come to fruition. In summer, we calm down, tensions appear: the turn is to be negotiated. Between August 21 and September then at the end of December, everything is better, success is there.

Form. Saturn disrupts your tone. Fatigue and waiting annoy you. It's bubbling inside. If you rested? Letting go remains the remedy in the face of tension. Between spring and summer: overwork is waiting for you.

The advice to follow: no need to impose your ideas in force. Forget about impulsiveness. You might regret it. Faced with inconvenience, round off the angles.

The right prescription to stay zen? OLIVE elixir to treat your moments of physical and moral fatigue.


Leïla Bekhti is pisces

Jupiter (the great beneficent) has been living with you since the end of 2021, it will stay there until mid-May then Jupiter will return to your sign from October 28 to December 21. Here is what to amplify your talents, to improve your daily life. Your projects then materialize. More pragmatic, you will know how to take your place, express your talents and knowledge. Now is the right time to put yourself forward and move forward in a constructive way. Protections and support from those around you will beautify you.

Heart side. At the start of 2022, with a calm and realistic heart, you will make your dreams come true. In April, Venus inspires you. In June, you seduce those around you and you project yourself as a duo. This summer, you say: “ Ouiiiiiii !! ”. In September, beware your overly critical mind collects reproaches. Take to the skies and calm down. November enchants you. You take back control of the situation. Happiness sets in.

Job and social life. Between January 1 and May 11, projects and talents express themselves naturally. Too bad that in January, a few sticks in the wheels disrupt this 2022 start. But very quickly, you get back on track. You are doing great things. In April and May, your intuition is amplified. You catch things early enough. You save time and energy. This summer, pragmatism and common sense will help you find solutions. Your ideas are bright. Between November and December, Jupiter returns home to finish your plans. Life is Beautiful !

Form. Opt for more well-being. Your motivation will increase, your projects will materialize. Here is something to embellish your daily life, and therefore ... your morale. You are reassured about your skills. Recognition boosts you. Watch out for stress! Fortunately, you will be able to pull yourself together.

The advice to follow: believe in yourself, in your lucky star. You will be guided and protected. Your intuition will amplify, listen to your little inner voice.

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