Astrology : what awaits you in 2024

your horoscope for 2023

A new chapter begins... After a rollercoaster period, major upheavals await in 2024. Eager to know more? Muriel Siron, an extraordinary astrologer and numerologist consulted by actresses, politicians, and the entire Parisian jet-set, shares her astrological predictions for 2024 sign by sign for Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, Cancer, Gemini, Capricorn, Aries, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Let the show begin !


2024 on the vibrational level

The sum of the digits for the year 2024 corresponds to the number 8. 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8. The 8 represents spiritual fullness, the materialization of the spiritual. Now that everything is finished, everything is created, humanity must resume the struggle. The 8 embodies material success, gains, money, power, and originality. With it, everything is excessive, swinging between success and downfall. It demands the pursuit of balance, symbolizing justice, luck, and expansion. It represents accomplishment, rebirth, renewal, willpower, vitality, and ardor, embodying sincerity, tenacity, and uncompromisingness.


The motto for 2024

"The New Man will have his head in the stars and his feet firmly rooted on planet Earth !" This phrase illustrates our need for connection. In 2024, the quest for spirituality will become increasingly contagious, and the obligation to give meaning to our lives will become imperative. It's an interesting year : undertaking and moving forward will be mandatory for our evolution. Some will undergo profound introspection, facing challenges in finding their place on Earth, breathing properly, and may even experience the Dark Night of the Soul. Between creation and innovation, we will need to ride the wave of change. However, beware of a wind of inconsistency that may blow over the zodiac. The key will be to find a balance between our spiritual life and material domain ! A positive attitude will be essential. We must learn to control our thoughts and overcome our (often limiting) beliefs responsible for our current reality.

Many of us will seek a return to basics, to nature, authenticity, simple pleasures, and the joy of living. This will become a priority. A need for peace will sweep across the planet. The consequence ? Witnessing technological evolution surpass us, potentially leading to a world where artificial intelligence dominates humanity. However, humans still have an unexpected chance today : the chance to rediscover their true nature.


The Age of Aquarius is underway !

And with it, the birth of a more connected "New Human." Connected to the celestial powers of this world, they will fully embody their body and respect it. We will talk more about invisible forces, quantum leaps, spatio-temporal portals, vortexes, and the quantum field. We will also talk about zero time or the obligation to live in the present moment, which may give some of us the impression of losing the memory a bit too often, forgetting various past events (more or less recent). This phenomenon, already present for some time, will intensify. No need to worry ; it will just be a sign that a veil is tearing between our earthly world and the new celestial energies. Time may continue to accelerate.



The atmosphere : you, the warrior of the group, a Cardinal sign, open the Spring Ball with enthusiasm and passion every year. Your element is fire, which is why you embody passion so much. In 2024, you will feel the need to preserve what you have achieved. This year, you have every chance of finding your perfect living space. From mid-May, let loose ! Increase outings and make new contacts. With a confident demeanor and a frank gaze, you will garner sympathy wherever you go. Your open-mindedness will open beautiful doors for you. Amid courage and determination, you will remain the most enthusiastic of the group. Dare to undertake ! However, a word of caution for the 3rd decan: don't upheave everything on a whim, especially at the beginning of the year (until January 21, then from September to November).

In a relationship : keep smiling! Your love life looks promising. You will ride the wave of evolution. Changes will be necessary to enhance your daily life. A real estate project could come to fruition. Everything will go well with one condition: beware of your chronic impulsiveness. Stability will fulfill you. You will seek harmony, and you stand a good chance of seeing the future through rose-colored glasses.

Single : the sky clears, and your future looks bright. Your seductive charm will make others envious. Still as enthusiastic, you will become contagious. Your positive vibes will spread like wildfire. Spring will be conducive to new encounters. Aim for the long term. Autumn will also bring you luck.

Business : play the card of exchanges, and you will never be disappointed. Your self-confidence and trust in life will attract new relationships. Your charisma will offer you opportunities to materialize your plans more easily. Jupiter (in the sector of your assets) will force you to stay pragmatic, much to the delight of your business. From mid-May, you will collect good ideas and share them with passion. Innovation will enchant you (the last two decans). Always control your tendencies towards authoritarianism and rely on the sincerity of your new relationships. Your support will be strong. Yes, you will inspire respect and enthusiasm.

Health : breathe, and everything will be smoother for you, but especially for those around you. While the beginning of the year may be a bit stressful, your sunny disposition will reappear in the spring. Your aura will regain its radiance, and your morale will follow suit. You will savor life with delight. Summer will enhance you. Channel your excess energy by running or moving. But also remember to take relaxation breaks between excesses. Autumn will force you to catch your breath to stay aligned!

My positive bubble : Slow and steady wins the race ! Everything will be fine if you calm your impatience. Opt for tolerance, both towards your surroundings and yourself. Your demand for perfection may backfire. From May 26 onward, luck will be on your side. Until the end of the year, Jupiter will send its best vibes to you (in the sector of your close circle). This will help you regain your chronic enthusiasm. Your good mood will become contagious! Your weak point : the HEAD (don't take yourself too seriously !)



The atmosphere : you, the most romantic of the zodiac, illuminated by Venus, love to settle in the middle of spring. You are considered a fixed sign. Earth is your element, which is why walks in nature are essential for your physical and mental balance. Your most charming flaw is your indulgence. Sensuality... a second nature. In 2024, luck is still on your side, thanks to Jupiter ! Enjoy it. The Magnificent will accompany you (until May 25), to the delight of your chakras. However, be cautious at the beginning of the year, as other planetary influences might make you lose your temper. Stay on guard (until February 20). Uranus (still in your sign) will stir your impulses. Desires to shake things up may disrupt your thoughts. Control yourself. Take a breath and reassess your priorities. Spring (your season) will bring back vibrant colors. Innovating will bring you luck; dare to take new directions. Your projects will ascend to the heights of your wildest dreams.

In a relationship : embrace change in 2024; it will suit you. Building will remain your primary motivation. Add a touch of gentle madness to your most intense desires. Your projects will multiply, and life could smile at you. For the 2nd and 3rd decans : dare to shake up your routines, and your couple will rejuvenate. Spring will awaken both your body and your heart. Indulge in the apple with decadence.

Single : your seductive charm will strike again. Venus (your planet) will illuminate your sign (from early May to the 23rd). Your charm will amplify, just like your indulgence. Amid unforeseen events, multiple encounters, and unexpected situations, you will be sought after and open to the unknown. The most challenging part will be making the best choices. Commitment may not always be straightforward. As the most sensual of the group, you will eventually make the right decision. Autumn will force you to set the bar high to find the elixir of your heart and continue your path as a duo.

Business : as the year starts slowly, take advantage of it to take breaks and prepare your plans. From your birthday period, you will see things more clearly. Accelerate. Projects can then follow one another. Jupiter (luck) in your sign will give you a real boost (until May 25). Uranus (change) will help you innovate (the last two decans). Dare to step out of the beaten path and take on certain challenges. Saturn (wisdom) will help you make time your ally (1st decan). Your seriousness will still make a difference. Don't forget to take regular breaks to enjoy life while remaining effective. Your projects will materialize more easily.

Health : beware! Stress is lurking, especially at the beginning of the year. If you want to keep smiling, get regular massages. As the most sensual of the zodiac, take time to live. Go for walks in nature, and you'll breathe better. You won't lack energy. Always alert, your neurons will remain sharp and creative. Sometimes too sensitive, be wary of your emotions. Gain perspective on life and its uncertainties to put things into context. Don't confuse stress with energy. Remember to move to better channel your inner strength.

My positive bubble : Find the right balance between fantasy and reality. Everything will be a matter of nuance. More whimsical than usual, you will realize your dearest dreams while staying grounded. Your enthusiasm will open new doors, and your optimism will become contagious. Soak up good vibes. Your determination will allow you to materialize your plans in 2024. Finding balance between body and mind will serve as your compass to ride the wave of vital energy, that of Chi ! It's all about the mind! Aim for the long term. Your weak point: the THROAT (why not let go of unspoken words?)



The atmosphere : I like to call you the butterfly of the group ! Naturally, your color is that of late spring, which is why you are considered a mutable sign. Light and carefree, your element is Air. That's why you enjoy flirting with your encounters, hair in the wind, free and independent. In 2024, you will break all seduction records! Jupiter will take up residence with you (from May 26 onward until the end of the year), much to your delight. You will remain friendly, sociable, and pleasant. Attracting the right people, you will make the best choices. Your seductive charm and adaptability will lead you to new and more defined paths. Take a stance. How ? By defining your goals and staying focused. Aim for the long term to change direction and finish the year victorious and fulfilled.

In a relationship : in 2024... Yes, luck will be on your side, and Cupid will have you in his sights ! Jupiter will add to the mix (starting from late May). You will remain positive and smiling. Building together, focusing on the long term, all of this will fulfill you. Your love life looks promising, and you will do everything in your power to fill the air with the sweetness of living and harmony. At home, it will be pleasant to be with you. Sincerity and stability will embellish you.

Single : If love knocks on the door during the summer, listen to your spontaneity and open it. Accept spring or summer outings and invitations ; you will never be disappointed. Yes, you will be in demand... and you deserve it. Your ability to attract with a flutter of your eyelashes will be confirmed. Being the most beautiful in the neighborhood or the best-dressed for dancing will fill you with joy. Your success will be unanimous. But once again, don't chase several hares at once ; you're not immune to a beautiful love story. Aim for the long term securely. Multiply more intimate moments; autumn might surprise you making plans as a duo.

Business : if the beginning of the year starts slowly, take advantage to take breaks and prepare your plans. From spring and Jupiter's arrival (with you), you will regain your enthusiasm from the past. It will be appreciated. Multiply beautiful encounters, express yourself, and your ideas will be noticed. Your network will expand, and success will be on the horizon. Get out there and clearly present your ideas. You stand a good chance of seeing them come to life. Your determination will help you, and your entourage will follow. Your exchanges will be constructive, fruitful, and convincing. Reflection will bring you luck. Focus on communication, teamwork will succeed, stay focused and organized ; discipline will lead you to the right place, and results will follow.

Health : beware, if Jupiter boosts your morale (from May 26 onward), Saturn could slow you down (at the beginning of the year), especially the 2nd decan. Take breaks regularly to recharge your batteries. A lack of physical and mental motivation may invade you. Don't panic; everything will improve with the arrival of the beautiful days. To avoid depression, take vitamin C supplements. In the fall, calm down ! No need to succumb to stress by running in all directions; you would lose time in trying to gain it. Agitation could then take precedence over organization. Channel your energy, rebalance your chakras by breathing deeply. Stretching would suit you! Think about it!

My positive bubble : Wisdom will suit you. You, the adolescent of the group, will know how to be both positive and cautious. Remember to clear your mind regularly. Distractions will be necessary and positive (between two urgencies). Decompressing will allow you to be even more efficient and effective by releasing the pressure. Follow your desires, indulge yourself more often (solo), and you will be even more available for your entourage or your lover, who will never hesitate to solicit you more and more! Your weak point: the LUNGS. Forget apnea ! (Take the time to breathe... deeply !).



The vibe : You, the zodiac child, receptive to everything, remain the most emotional. Your element is water. As a Cardinal sign, you kick off the summer (your favorite season). Ruled by the Moon, you're the type to experience all four seasons in a single day—some might say you're moody. In 2024, intuition will guide your every step. Make the most of Jupiter's support (for the first five months). Luck will stay active by your side. Count on your friends' support to materialize your plans. Shaking up some projects will become necessary, especially for the last two decans. Uranus (in the projects sector) will assist you. Innovation will excite you.

In a pair : Disrupting routines and clarifying certain uncertainties will reassure you. Long-term commitment will delight you. You'll lead your relationship masterfully, taking control of your destiny with flair. You won't fall into a too-exhausting routine. Summer will fulfill you, reaping the rewards of your efforts to better evolve your story. Evolution and construction will fill you with joy. Marriage, baby, house—everything will be possible for you!

Single : The beginning of the year looks busy. Embrace outings, distractions, and new encounters; you'll be pleasantly surprised. Ride the wave of lightness until summer, and your love sky will remain bright. However, you'll also need to make time to reconnect with your best pals and enjoy life together. More susceptible in the fall, approach autumn with caution, shielding yourself from negative vibes. Always listen to your instincts ; they will be formidable.

Business : Believe in yourself and your multiple talents, and boldly assert yourself. Exercise discernment, aim accurately, and surround yourself with the right people. Innovation will motivate you; overcome your fears and dare to project yourself differently. A career redirection is possible. Take time to reflect on your new aspirations. Uranus (in the projects sector) will force you to reconsider your motivations and find a new, more vibrant path. Listen to your inner voice.

Health : If, at the beginning of 2024, you feel a bit low in energy, take the time to recharge with your loved ones. From summer onward, you'll regain Olympic form. Family will remain the best place to soak up positive vibes. Don't hesitate : take aquatic breaks, try thalassotherapy, indulge in essential oil massages. This will help you catch your breath and maintain a smile throughout this positive and motivating year. Anticipate, so you never move forward on reserve.

My positive bubble : Nurture your chronic sensitivity and maintain self-confidence. Let go of naivety and keep some distance from your surroundings to avoid disappointments. Discernment will be a great asset. Uranus (in sextile with your sign) will give you desires for change (the last two decans). Your idealism will be touching, even if it's not always comfortable for you ! Your weak point : the stomach (don't let anything simmer on it !).



The vibe : If your mane always matches your singing... Your elegance is your trademark. As flamboyant as the Sun (your planet), you don't hesitate to compete with it. As a Fixed sign, fire is your element, and being born in the middle of your favorite season—summer—makes you the King (or Queen) of the zodiac : everyone bows to you. Red carpet for the most VIP of the gang. In 2024, you won't lack flair. Things will still be lively at your place. Be cautious during the first five months of the year ; Uranus (in tension with you) might amplify your impulsivity (especially in your career). No need to impose yourself at all costs. You'll need to reconsider your demands. Your energy will be top-notch (from May 26 until the end of the year). Jupiter (luck) will send you its best vibes. Your friends will help you realize your plans. You'll ride the wave of evolution. Your contacts will remain fruitful, and your initiatives will be appreciated.

In a pair : Your good vibes will be contagious, and your enthusiasm might boost your partner. Always up for anything, you won't lack pep! If spring and summer find you at your best, be cautious between July 3 and July 25 (Mercury will be retrograde in your sign from August 16 to 28); this could create some disagreements in communication. Make efforts, and everything will fall back into place. Don't impose but suggest! It'll all be a matter of mindset, the rest will follow. Aim for stability.

Single : From spring onward, you'll be ready for anything to meet the one. Jupiter (the Magnificent), in the projects sector, will bring you luck (from May 26). Your friends will involve you; they might even serve your soulmate on a silver platter. Love-friendship might also appeal to you. Everything will be possible, even a love at first sight. That's the promise of an exciting and passionate summer. Take your time before committing to the long term. In the fall: everything will be possible.

Business : Still as magnetic, you'll charm even your adversaries. Maintain this self-confidence and belief in the future; you'll be formidable. Your love for exchanges will open more than one door. Spring will bring you a breath of fresh air, and desires for change will be evident. Projects will multiply, and innovation will motivate you. Take advantage of late August until September 9 to negotiate a contract. Mercury (in your sign) will help you. In the fall, you'll step up your game. You'll establish new connections, challenges will excite you, and you'll end the year on a high note.

Health : If winter finds you in low spirits, things will clear up at the end of spring. Attentive to your physical appearance, you'll take care of both your look and your well-being, determined to live a passionate and exciting summer. Your mental state will then be excellent. You'll approach the fall as a winner. Slow down at the first chill. Take care of yourself, and your morale will remain high throughout the year.

My positive bubble : In 2024, get ready to take your place and shine like a star in the spotlight. You can finally showcase your multiple talents. You'll live up to your ambitions. You'll know how to take life on the bright side, staying sensitive to the sweetness of living. Slow down your pace more often. Your quality of life will prevail over profitability. Connect the useful to the pleasant by taking recreational breaks. You'll always seek unity with those around you, rather than duality. If travel calls you, let yourself be carried away! Adventure will suit you well too. Your weak point: THE HEART. Take care of it! Learn Vibrational Breathing.



The vibe: You, the zodiac ant, will you be as wise as an image or as wild as a cicada? Queen (or Prince) of analysis, you always love to cut hairs to better understand life and its uncertainties. Mercury (your planet) gives you a taste for reflection. Your element, Earth, obliges you to always seek security. As a Mutable sign, you adapt easily. Normal, you were born at the end of the season (summer), that's why you're already ready to jump into the next one: autumn. Rejoice: in 2024, Jupiter (in a friendly sign) will continue to protect you (until the end of May). Bringing meaning back to your life, you'll also dare to shake up your habits. Uranus (in trine with your sign) will help you change everything. Take advantage of the first five months of the year to make decisions and transform your life. Everything will happen very quickly. Dare to see life in color. Then (from the end of May), be more cautious until the end of the year. If the changes remain positive, stability will secure you.

In a pair: Jupiter will bring you luck (from the beginning of the year). You'll know how to take care of your partner. Your mind will be more open, and you... less critical. You'll make efforts and concessions, determined to build your relationship on solid foundations. Aim for harmony as a couple, and you'll find a more joyful demeanor and the security you need at every step.

Single: Take advantage of the first five months of the year to believe in love always! You're not immune to a stroke of luck. Everything will be possible, even an unexpected encounter. Let go of your toxic thoughts, chronic fears, and embrace the unexpected. If autumn brings some setbacks, use it as an opportunity to analyze the situation with discernment. Commitment is possible later (during the winter).

Business: Reflection will be a guarantee of success for all your projects. Seize opportunities as they come; they will multiply, and doors will open easily for you (until the end of May). Thank you, Jupiter!! Your projects will come to fruition. Dare to undertake and move forward. Opportunities are likely to chain together. Believe in your lucky star. Increase your contacts; you might even do business with your friends. Here's a year rich in contacts and new relationships. If opportunities multiply (early in the year), dare to let go and learn to trust. You will be rewarded; you could reap the fruits of your change in attitude. Spring looks promising. Yes... evolution is underway!

Health: At the top of your form (at the beginning of the year). Take advantage of this period to make the best resolutions. Then, you'll need to calm down (from spring). A drop in energy may be felt; slow down. Always take care of your toxic thoughts. Saturn (opposite your sign) could envelop you in a veil of weariness, especially the first two decans. Don't panic... take the time to catch your breath.

My positive bubble: Every morning, let go of your toxic thoughts and embrace the positive attitude. Make it your favorite ritual at breakfast! It will all be a matter of self-confidence, in others, in life, and especially in your lucky star during the first five months of the year when luck will be on your side. Embarking on an adventure, leaving your habits, and flirting with the unexpected will give meaning to your life. Also, avoid negative vibes and overly negative people. Practice without moderation! Your weak point: THE BELLY (the center of your emotions)! Listen to it more often!



The vibe: You, the most elegant of the bunch, ruled by Venus, are so sensitive to the charm and delicacy of your interlocutors. As a Cardinal sign, you always kick off autumn with grace and lightness. Normal, air is your element. 2024 promises to be a year full of potential, on the horizon of a spring up to your wildest dreams. Jupiter (luck), in a friendly sign from May 26, will send you its best vibes, but also its protection. You'll philosophize about the art of living daily. You'll be inspired, determined to bring meaning to all your projects. That's something to rejoice about. Take the first five months of the year to prepare to materialize all your plans. Self-confidence will amplify your enthusiasm. Harmony will remain your priority. Luck will accompany you (from the end of May). Your initiatives will pay off.

In a pair: In 2024, stability and construction will be your goals. Summer promises to be romantic, and you... romantic. You'll seek more complicity and authenticity. Renewal is underway. The verb "to love" will be conjugated in all tenses! Dare to declare your feelings without restraint. You won't be disappointed. Commitment will fulfill you.

Single: Everything will be possible, especially during the summer. Cupid will cuddle you. Venus (your planet!), at your place from late August to early September, will beautify you. Everything will be possible. You'll be in beauty! Your popularity (or even notoriety) will become evident. Your seductive skills will convince more than one. You'll have choices. The gentleness of a meeting could pleasantly surprise you. Let it happen!

Business: Open up! Opt for innovation; success will follow. Your network will have every chance to evolve throughout the year. From the end of May, you'll reap what you've sown. Your positive attitude will then attract followers; your business will follow suit. If opportunities related to foreign affairs arise, you, the specialist in indecision, won't hesitate anymore! Dare to say yessss! Just believe in your lucky star. Investments and financial successes will delight you... Seize the chance!

Health: If winter finds you in low spirits, everything will brighten up at the end of spring. Sensitive to your physical appearance, you'll take care of both your look and your well-being, determined to live a passionate and exciting summer. Your mental state will then be excellent. You'll approach the fall as a winner. Slow down at the first chill. Take care of yourself, and your morale will remain high throughout the year.

My positive bubble: In 2024, get ready to take your place and shine like a star in the spotlight. You can finally showcase your multiple talents. You'll live up to your ambitions. You'll know how to take life on the bright side, staying sensitive to the sweetness of living. Slow down your pace more often. Your quality of life will prevail over profitability. Connect the useful to the pleasant by taking recreational breaks. You'll always seek unity with those around you, rather than duality. If travel calls you, let yourself be carried away! Adventure will suit you well too. Your weak point: the kidneys. Take care of it! Learn Vibrational Breathing.



The vibe: Pluto (your planet) often forces you to question yourself too much. As a Fixed sign, you're comfortably situated in the middle of your season, autumn. Your element, water, makes you hypersensitive, not always understood by the majority. Your reputation as a savage is well established! However, in 2024, you might be more accessible and amiable. Jupiter (until the end of May) and Uranus (all year) will still be opposed to your sign, influencing the sector of your collaborations and your couple. Things will go better if you defuse any conjugal or professional conflicts. 1st decan: beware of Pluto (in tension with your sign). Saturn (harmonious with you) will force you to respect the rules (especially the first two decans).

In a pair: stop or continue? The time for settling scores has arrived. Question your heart and follow its desires. Clarity is mandatory to make the best choices. If you decide to continue the journey with the chosen one of your heart, then your feelings will grow, and so will your sincerity. Aim for the long term; your bonds will be strong. Things will become even clearer in the fall, as Venus, in your domain (from September 24 to October 17), will enhance your life.

For singles: everything will go well if you play the complementary card. Focus on communication. Being more open and less untamed, you will allow yourself to be approached and, why not, tamed. Dare to believe in your lucky star and envision the best. You will be pleasantly surprised, especially between late September and mid-October!

Business: spring looks cheerful. Transformations are underway. You will see your situation evolve and open up more. You will attract sympathy. As a result, your social life will expand, along with opportunities and obligations. Your projects can then come to fruition. You will notice an improvement in your situation. Challenges will awaken you, and motivation will remain your driving force. You will be ready to meet all challenges.

Health: even if Mars (your planet) forgets to pass through your sign in 2024, it won't prevent you from staying energetic and effective. You will receive its positive influences (from March 23 to the end of April and from early September to early November). With your winning mentality, you will achieve victories, even in sports. Your energy will increase, and so will your pride. Channel your inner strength to avoid sudden fatigue. A positive attitude will save you. It will all be a matter of mindset. Take advantage of winter to slow down your pace.

My positive bubble: don't forget to clear your mind regularly to gain perspective on events. Have fun more often. Let go of your concerns or responsibilities and embark on an adventure to decompress. As the most controlling one in the group, it's time to learn to let go. Also, consider traveling more often to rejuvenate yourself. Any change will promise a better state of well-being. It's time to materialize everything you dream of doing! Your weak point: sexual organs. Take care of them!



The Atmosphere: As the most optimistic of the group, you have no merit. Ruled by Jupiter (the Magnificent), you embody human warmth. Your element, fire, represents the embers of the fireplace, not necessarily visible from afar but felt, warming both the soul and the heart when approached. As a mutable sign, you were born at the end of the season, already eager to welcome winter with enthusiasm. In 2024, Jupiter will delight you, residing in the sector of your work and daily life for the first five months of the year. Starting May 26, you will feel its protection in the collaboration sector, allowing you to connect with new partners. For the 1st decan: Pluto (in the sector of your surroundings) will help you positively transform your relationships. Prioritize your social life, and your smile will return.

In a Relationship: Between tenderness and seduction, you'll display a lovely glow. With a sparkling gaze, you'll remain attractive and positive. Your contagious enthusiasm will ignite your partner, who won't resist your fire, both in your spirit and your heart. Balancing responsibilities and commitments, you'll approach life as a duo with confidence. A small drawback in spring with Pisces' energies might bring a slight drop in mood; navigate it by riding the wave of superficiality. Remember to catch your breath!

Single: The arrival of Jupiter (in the sector of your married life) might wake you up. Open up! Multiply outings, new encounters, and opportunities. The summer looks romantic and passionate for you. Love might just knock on your door. No need to overthink... say yes! Free yourself from all prejudices and believe in your luck, the luck of meeting a soulmate. Cupid will be on your side!

Business: Accept responsibilities; you'll live up to your commitments. Your efforts will be noticed, appreciated, and discussed. Stand out, schedule meetings, and expand your networks. You'll reap the rewards of your past efforts. Progress or promotion is possible. In spring, don't let events overrun you. Stay focused. You'll find your serenity in the summer to start on more stable grounds. Remain cautious in September. Clarify your ideas and reconsider your communication style. Tensions are possible; suggest rather than impose!

Health: Consider calming down; being too active might border on overexertion. The solution? Take regular relaxation breaks; you won't have a choice. Your body might rebel and switch to forced airplane mode. For the 2nd decan: Saturn might play tricks on you. Watch out for back issues! To avoid a rebellion, take the lead. Go on a weekend getaway, let go of obligations and worries, and return to your tasks with a fresh mind. Repeat this as often as possible!

My Positive Bubble: Set the right course and follow your goals. Address doubts and uncertainties; only self-confidence and trust in life will help. Focus on the essentials, but always remain open to others. Exchanges and socializing will fulfill you. Since conviviality is one of your best qualities, don't hesitate: stay true to yourself. Your Achilles' heel: the thighs. Take it easy on them!



The Autumn: Saturn is your planet, symbolizing seriousness and ancestral wisdom. Chronos, the master of time, often compels you to want control over everything. Earth is your element; you prefer to stay grounded rather than venture into the unknown. Control is one of your priorities. In 2024, you might discover a different side of yourself. You might throw away old habits and obligations, making surprising decisions. Embracing change will motivate you. Ambitious and audacious, you'll do everything to shake up destiny. Summer looks joyful, and the fall will find you in great shape. November will urge you to face challenges eagerly. You'll end the year beautifully; change is underway.

In a Relationship: Love will beautify you. You'll start the year beautifully, with Venus (from January 23 to February 16) and Mercury (from January 15 to February 5) in your sign. As a result, you'll find reassuring words and express your feelings more openly. Your libido will follow, boosted by Mars (in your sign from January to mid-February). Summer will require new decisions. The fall looks as positive as the rest of the year for you.

Single: Enjoy the early months of the year to get out. Until March, everything is possible! Jupiter until the end of May and Uranus throughout the year in the sector of your love life might surprise you. You might encounter a significant connection, one that could disrupt your longstanding habits. Autumn will see you thriving, ready for a longer-term commitment in a duo.

Business: More open and adaptable, you won't hesitate to approach others. Your social life looks richer, and you're ready to transform the way you work. Use the first three months of the year to open up and access a new communication network. You'll be popular, and your seriousness will always make a difference. Recognized as a reliable asset, you won't disappoint your interlocutors. Discard your discretion and speak in public without hesitation. Your advice will be invaluable.

Health: Mars (in your sign from January to mid-February) will allow you to start the year with courage and energy. Take care of your health in the spring to avoid discomfort and minor health issues. Fatigue often affects your mood; don't forget to rest regularly—necessary breaks to maintain a cheerful demeanor. The summer will bring back brighter colors. You can end 2024 positively, just as you started it. You'll positively affect those around you.

My Positive Bubble: Jupiter will continue to favor you. Seize the opportunity to evolve and step up. People will seek you out, and your company will be enjoyable. Get out of your reserve and show a new side of yourself! Innovation will rejuvenate you this year. Embrace change, but keep an eye on the long term. Your projects will be well thought out, combining caution and unpredictability for the happiness of your chakras. Your weak point: the back (don't strain it too much).



The Atmosphere: Forward-thinking, independent, and rebellious, you love the unexpected. Air, your element, mirrors your life perspective—free and surprising. You enjoy taking a bird's-eye view, but beware of getting too close to the Sun; imitating Icarus might cost you your wings. As a fixed sign, you're stuck in the middle of winter. Uranus makes you the most unpredictable of the group, while Saturn hides ancestral wisdom within you. In 2024, you'll tread cautiously until May 26. Then, from late May to the end of the year, Jupiter (in a friendly sign, trine with your sign, in the sector of love, creativity, and children) will send better vibes. Luck will be back. Still, Uranus will be in tension with you, stirring up family issues. The last two decans need to control impulsivity.

In a Relationship: Protected by several planetary aspects (early in the year), despite Uranus in the family sector, you'll welcome 2024 with a smile, beautifully, open, and positive. Be cautious, especially for the last two decans ; there's a risk of sudden and unexpected revolts or crises. Fortunately, Venus will light up your sign (from February 17 to March 11). Open up, express your feelings delicately, and you'll remain popular. Mercury (in your sign) will help you find the right words (from February 6 to 23). Make plans; they're likely to materialize! You'll be filled with sweetness and complicity.

Single: Solitary yet open to others, you're ready to welcome the anticipated meeting, perhaps the one of the summer or even your life! Find a balance between your need for isolation and unexpected outings. Spring is the time to leave your comfort zone and envisage the best. The summer, with its well-surrounded evenings, will overwhelm you. Overwhelmed by friends and love, why resist temptation? If you spot a tempting apple, why not take a bite? In the fall, you'll feel like vegetating on your couch, but you'll bounce back to maintain balance and make the best choices. You'll continue your journey solo... or not!

Business: Wait until mid-spring and the arrival of Jupiter (in a friendly sign) to take risks. Luck and enthusiasm will return. Increase your contacts; your meetings will be interesting and fruitful. Reap what you sow. Your qualities will be noticed and appreciated, and you'll be valued. Pointed out as a reliable person, you won't disappoint your interlocutors and collaborators. Discard your discretion to speak in public without hesitation. Your advice will be precious.

Health: The beginning of the year will treat you well. Boosted by the Sun during your birthday month and awakened by Mars (from mid-February to March 22), you won't spare your efforts. Ready to go at a moment's notice, don't forget to take regular breaks to better channel your energy. Take care of yourself in May (despite Jupiter's positive vibes from May 26). Ease your body and calm your mind, often overstimulated by new ideas. Agitation and stress might destabilize you. Returning to nature will help you stay grounded, refreshing yourself regularly.

My Positive Bubble: It's an interesting year, especially from May 26 onward. Shamelessly enjoy the presence of Jupiter (luck) in the sector of love, creativity, and children. Anything will be possible. Never succumb to anger; control your impulses. They could be as destructive as they are unexpected, especially on the family front. Meditation will help you rise above events. Wisdom is essential for your well-being and that of your loved ones. Your Achilles' heel: the calves. Beware of intense heat... they might swell!



The Atmosphere: Often nostalgic, always receptive to waves, the invisible, and your environment, you merge with the elements. Water is your element. Neptune and Jupiter govern your sign. You belong to the Mutable signs, born at the end of the season, and possess the gift of adapting more easily than others to situations and atmospheres. In 2024, make the most of the first five months of the year and Jupiter's protection to lay the groundwork and materialize your best plans. Your close circle will follow you. Innovation will motivate you, especially for the last two decans. Stay cautious; family crises are possible.

In a Relationship: Stability and harmony will bring peace to your soul. You'll start the year fulfilled, warmed by the sun and Venus (from March 12 to April 5). Mars (action) will take over, settling in your sign (from March 23 to the end of April). This will awaken your body and libido. Communication will be easy, and telepathy might become evident. You'll exchange sweet words at the speed of light and with modesty. However, passion will infuse your duo from October onward!

Single: From March onward, everything will be possible. Planets, including Mercury (communication), will parade through your sign, bringing joy to your chakras. Your mind will free itself from toxic thoughts, and you'll become irresistible. Clearly express your most unspoken desires; you'll be heard and granted. The universe might even have some pleasant surprises in store for you. Listen to your intuition; it will guide you to the best choices. Jupiter (luck) will pamper you for the first five months of the year.

Business: Increase contacts and expand your network; doors will open easily for you. Seize opportunities; luck will be on your side. Your close circle will help you materialize your plans until the end of May. You'll convince your interlocutors and potential collaborators. Your persuasion skills will aid you. Your birthday period will allow you to showcase your talents. Mercury (in your sign from February 24 to March 10) will facilitate exchanges. Find the right words to convince and hit your targets bullseye.

Health: Vitality and creativity will always motivate you. However, you'll have a tendency to be hypersensitive to emotions, easily riding the emotional roller coaster. Take distance from everything too close to your heart. Serenity will be your best ally to surf the wave of well-being. Silence, both internal and external, will be essential for your mental and spiritual balance. Nervousness remains your Achilles' heel. Regular relaxation will be obligatory.

My Positive Bubble: Easily anxious, you'll need to learn to let go of your obsessions. Vibrational breathing (through the heart) will be your savior, your first aid kit for stress! Your talent for doubling up too often might disturb your ability to concentrate. Grounding yourself will be necessary to face obligations, stay in the present moment, and materialize your plans. Even though traveling through the mind fascinates you, force yourself to be present more often. Remember that luck will follow you until May 26. That's enchanting! Your Achilles' heel: the feet! They also represent the soul. Avoid those who break them!

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