Catherine Kluger, the ultimate pastry expert

Pastry aficionada Catherine Kluger publishes a new recipe book

Catherine Kluger serves and delivers the most rock n’ roll and sexy tarts of Paris directly from her food truck at the Flea Market and from her workshop on rue Trousseau. Pegged to the release of her book featuring cult recipes, « La Fabrique de tartes », Catherine shares a few insider tips with the DO IT TEAM !

my awesome delivery service

Disolay if fruits and vegetables

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I am a total fan of the online site

It’s really great. You can order super-fresh products right from the market until midnight for a home delivery the next day.

It’s ideal when my fridge is empty or if I am inviting friends at the last minute…

my hidden gem store

Accessories for pastries

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At Mora's you will find all the clever indispensable equipment to customize your creations and create cake decors as well as moulds and fun tart shapes, round or square…

A treasure trove for foodistas!

my favourite dessert

Piece of chocolate cake

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I did not want to suggest a traditional chocolate tart, like everyone else does, and at the same time, I had a chocolate delight recipe without flour that all my friends were WILD about.

I imaginedthe ideal combo mix: a chocolate delight tart made with semi-salty butter that really adds to the recipe!

This is a killer recipe! The cake lasts 3 days, just as delicious for breakfast with a black espresso as it is for dessert or at tea time …

The added plus? Customize the recipe by sprinkling crushed and caramelized cocoa beans you find at Valhorna

where to get the right crust ?

A homemade crust

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If you don’t have time to make a good crust yourself (the quick recipes are in my book), you can buy a ready made one, but a good one.

How to choose? Always opt pour a 100% butter crust, it’s really the secret, such as the one made by Picard, that is great or the Pâte FRANCOIS crust to be ordered on line, really tops.

the recipe that always works

Recipe book by Catherine Kluger

© Facebook Catherine Kluger

I adore the quick and easy recipe for my salty onions-feta cheese tart. It’s delicious and always works, no matter what the season and requires ingredients one generally has at home or that one can is sure to find at the grocery store around the corner, even on Sunday night.

PS: you can make it without the fennel seeds if you don’t have any …


-1 precooked salty pastry crust base with golden egg color

-1 quiche batter without salt

-1 red onion

-1 yellow onion

-1 table spoon of olive oil

-Lemon juice

-100g of feta cheese

-1 table spoon of fennel seeds

Peel the onions, cut them in half, cut out the middle part then cut into slices. Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the minced onions without coloring them. When they are transparent, deglaze with the lemon juice. Salt, pepper and remove from the heat.

Once they have cooled down, spread the onions on the tart base. Sprinkle with shredded feta, then fennel seed. Pour the quiche batter up to the edge of the tart. Bake at 180°C for 45 minutes. The tart is cooked when it’s slightly inflated.

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